Between the Covers

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress is editor of the Journal

A new year has arrived and for many of us that means time for a "new start." As I participated in my church's Christmas evening Communion Service, I silently shared with the Lord my own resolutions which I needed to implement in 1994.

Perhaps you, too, will find something between the covers of this Hinter issue that will perk your resolve. Do you need to exercise your faith like Marcia? (p. 7) Maybe plan a funeral to bury your jealousy of "the other woman" (p. 8). Or, renew your resolve to be more consistent with the children's worship time (p. 10).

Personally, I haven taken to heart "rekindling my first love" (p. 12). Busyness is not holiness. A closer relationship with our lovely Jesus is my prayer in 1994 for each of you.