Year of the Pastor

A message to pasto­ral wives.

Meibel writes from A .F .A.M. in the Central Brazil Union Conference. Used with permis­sion. Translated by Annabelle Kendall.


A message to pasto­ral wives:

I thank God for you—a woman of high ideals who is attentive, dynamic, and helpful. You use your talents so that the work of God increases, and you are a blessing as you stand by your husband's side.

You have been an exemplary mother and a faithful companion.

You have a living faith that comes from close association with God.

You have protected people in need, and in sorrow you know how to give a word of comfort.

You have been a motivation to your children, and to the chil­dren and young people at church.

You have shared the Word of God by your personal testimony in the home, in the work place, and among your women friends.

Your words of encourage­ment have been a help. You work to advance the projects of the church.

You are quick to understand a discouraged woman and en­courage her to go forward.

You find time to share words of sympathy and show that Christ is real in your life.

You love, encourage, and understand your husband-pas­tor. In this sell-sacrificing work, you rejoice when he succeeds in the battles of life and in hasten­ing the return of One who will reward you.

I recognize your work as a dedicated wife and precious mother whom God chose to be at your husband's side to care for His sheep on this earth.