Between the Covers

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress is editor of the Journal

I used to be compulsive about having everything "ready" for a "perfect" Christmas. Anticipation of this holiday sometimes clouded out wonderful mo­ments that were mine for the. taking. Circumstances the last few years have challenged my thinking.

We can learn from the simple, and I have learned a valuable lesson from my little Yorkshire. Terrier, Dexter, He never waits until'Christmas day to enjoy his "treats.' We always wrap up a box of goodies for him, but he somehow manages to sniff them out and instantly tears the package open. He enjoys the bless­ing immediately probably because, in his doggie brain, he can't comprehend waiting around anx­iously when there is something so good right in front of him, He is on target in his own canine way. Don't miss the "now" blessing because you are waiting for something "big" in the future.

Throughout this issue of the Journal, we have sprinkled some holiday flavor. What these pastoral wives are sharing can bring blessings to you—look for them. Look to Jesus whose birth into this dark world meant the best blessing—a way outl And look forward to the fact that we are a year closer to His. return.