Between the Covers

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress

A new year. A new beginning. Most of us prob­ably made a few resolutions during this time of re­newal. After all the indulgences of the Christmas season, it is an appropriate time to set some goals toward changing our lives for the better. My resolu­tion list this year contained a few "left-overs" from last year: diet more, exercise more, save more, call my family more, more time with Jim, and more time for devotions. Suddenly I realized that each of these items on my list had that "four letter" word in it MORE. Perhaps the reason I hadn't accomplished everything I wanted was because I hadn't done some­thing LESS.

In this stressful world, pastoral wives especially need to make sure we keep our lives balanced. Check your list. Check your priorities. And check your bal­ances. Most importantly, check with Jesus for wis­dom. He'll let you know what's really priority! Happy New Year!