My Miracle, My Testimony

The testimony of a former Jacobite Orthodox Christian and her husband.

Mariamma Abraham is a pastoral wife in North Kerala, India.—Via Shepherdess International

Even though I was born and brought up in the Jacobite Orthodox Church, it was my desire from childhood to know God's will for me and understand His Word. I could not understand His Word fully in spite of attending several conventions and reading the Bible. I had been praying for God to help me understand the wonders of His Word. In 1969 my prayer was an­swered when I was taught the Bible truth by a Seventh-day Adventist church member, Mr. K. O. Thomas of Kottarakara in Kerala. As a re­sult, I was baptized into the Sev­enth-day Adventist Church along with my husband. We both decided to dedicate our lives to Gos­pel work.

My husband was appointed an evangelist to Kerala and we de­voted ourselves to doing the Lord's work. While my husband worked, I prayed at home for the Holy Spirit to help him bring several souls to the Lord Jesus. The Lord helped us establish several churches in this section. Many times we faced se­vere opposition from people of various Christian churches and other religions. But God helped us to overcome everything through fasting and prayers.

In November, 1992, an incident took place in our lives which we will never forget. My husband de­veloped stomach pains, which be­gan increasing in spite of various treatment. Finally he was taken to the Christian Medical College Hos­pital in Vellore. My condition grew worse. I, also, was suffering from chest pain and breathing trouble. We lost all hope for tomor­row but placed ourselves in God's hands.

At that time I had a dream, in which I saw a big meeting going on in a shed on open ground. My husband and I were there helping with the meeting. The next morn­ing I told my husband and children about the dream.

The dream was fulfilled in May 1993, when we worked with the group of helpers at the school of evangelism held at Koothat­tukulam, Kerala. Because of the Lord's blessing and in answer to our prayers, 54 souls were bap­tized. Today we are still taking care of the new congregation there. Sev­eral souls around that area have come forward to stand for the truth as a result of the personal witness­ing of our members. It is my humble request that the readers of this testimony will pray for this church and for our work. May God bless us abundantly with the power of the Holy Spirit for the speedy finishing of the Lord's work.