Between the Covers

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress is editor of the Journal. 

As 1995 comes to an end, I am reminded that we are all a year older and still not in the Kingdom.

It has been a memorable year because I have had the privilege of meeting many of you.

This issue features a special interview with Milena Brechelmacher, from Sarayeio; her story is moving and her dedication to serve Jesus is steadfast. Marija Trajkovska also tells her story of serving the refugees in this area. "The Church in Harmony" is a good story to read aloud to your husband; you both will laugh and cry at the reality it portrays.

The holiday season is always extra busy. Take counsel from Ben and Mary Maxson and control the time tyrant so you can enjoy the blessing of your family, who are the most precious people you will ever influence. Let Jesus lift the weights that Margaret Nathaniel tells us about. He is waiting to help you.

May Jesus surround you and your family in His sweet love and care as we remember His birth on earth 2,000 years ago.