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Shepherdess International News

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By the Journal staff and vairous contributors. 

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Eastern Africa Division

Angeline Musvosvi hosted the following speakers: Mary Maxson, Adly Campos, Rae Patterson, and Claire Eva, as they itinetated through the Eastern Africa Division. The ladies held meetings and seminars for pas­toral spouses at the Conference and Union Ministers' Meetings, before all convened at the World Ministers Council in South Africa.

General Conference

Division Shepherdess Coordinators met for five days in Washington, D.C., for their quinquennial advisory. Representing their respective Divisions were: Leola Whaley, Africa-Indian Ocean; Marilyn Johnson, Asia-Pacific; Angeline Musvosvi, Eastern Africa; Geri Muller, Euro-Africa; Olga Murga, Euro-Asia; Evelyn Omana, Inter-American; Frances McClure, North American; Kay Winter, South Pacific; Frances Campbell, Southern Asia; Beautiful N. Wakaba, Sou thern African Union. Also, Sharon Cress, Margarita Sarli and Anita Folkenberg were present from the General Conference. The Trans-European Division is in the process of appointing a new coordi­nator since Gaya Currie moved to Australia. Vasti Viana, from the South American Division, was unable to attend due to a death in the family. The moving reports, from the different parts of the world, inspired everyone.

North American Division

Ellen Bresec was named 1995 Adventist Woman of the Year in ceremonies held at Collegedale, Tennessee, in October. Ellen served for 45 years as a pastor's spouse. She is best known for establishing Shepherdess International as an official organization for the church in 1989. Along with Marie Spangler, Ellen was instrumental in broadening the work for pastoral spouses and traveled the world minis­tering to them. Congratulations, Ellen!

* Upper Columbia Conference held their 10th Annual Helpmate Retreat April 19-21 at the Cozy Cottonwood Lodge at Camp MiVoden in Idaho. The theme for the retreat was "Special in Our Uniqueness."

Northern California Conference held their Pastors' Famih Retreat at Rio Linda Academy. The attendees felt inspired by Dr. Philip Samaan's sermon. They were exhausted by ten-mile canoe trips. And they were overcome with laughter at the Talent Olympics. Judy Crabtree and Judy Osborne, Shepherdess leaders, worked their magic in changing a recreation room into a scene from the antebellum South. And they all enjoyed a banquet of Southern food. Carol Ann Retzer's talk climaxed the occasion.

Arizona Conference clergy wives met at Camp Yavapines (near the Prescott.Resort and Conference Center) during their camp meeting. They ate a beautiful meal and enjoyed Kay Kuzma's message.

Southern Asia Division

The World Ministers Council for the Southern Asia Division met in three locations in India (Pune, Bangalore, an d Roorkee) during Apr il and May. Division Shepherdess Coordinator, Frances Campbell, hosted the meetings. Over 500 ministry wives attended these events, which lasted four or five days and included seminars, health features, andbusiness sessions. At each location, Dorothy Watts presented seminars about Dealing Positively with Negative Emotions; Adly Campos spoke on How the Pastor's Wife Can Do Soul Winning; Rae Lee Cooper addressed Women's Health Issues and presented a seminar on Ministering to Those Who Have Experienced Loss. SharonCress presented the business sessions for Shepherdess International. The women enjoyed the time of fellowship and refreshment.

Southern African Union Conference

Beautiful Wakaba, the South Africa Shepherd ess Coordin a tor, was hostess for approximately 150 pastoral wives who met together in February for five-days at the World Ministers Council in Anerly, South Africa. Despite the record heat, their spirit were high. Seminars were presented by: Mary Maxson, from the Adventist Review; Adly Campos, evangelist; Claire Eva, educator, and Sharon Cress, from Shepherdess Internationa I. During the meetings, the women presented many special music numbers. The highlight was the Shepherdess' choir that sang for the Sabbath services.

Sharon Cress met with the adminis­trative wives and theology students for anall-daySabbath meeting atHelderberg College near Cape Town. Mrs. Shirley Allen, Church Ministries Director, and Charlene Bainbridge hosted the events.