Between the Covers

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress is editor of the Journal

The pages of this Fourth Quarter issue are filled with sharings of hope and heartache, miracles and messages.

Margarida Sarli opens the magazine with some encouragement for parents who may be concerned that they are not giving their youngsters every material thing they might desire. Tina Krause presents a candid response to our tendencies to only socialize with those in our congregation. Holly Martin reminds us that growing up as a P.K. can be very special, and an anonymous minister's wife shares her personal story of a prodigal P.K.

After you relate to Val Smetheram's article on stress in clergy marriages that we all feel, get a hot cup of tea and savor the moment as June Taylor shares a Christmas story with us to conclude this year's Shepherdess International Journal.

The year 1996 has held memories both glad and sad for all of us ministry wives. Jesus has given us the glad moments so that we can taste a little sample of the joys that await us in heaven where we can take courage in the knowledge that the sad will be removed forever. Jesus is coming back to get us really soon. Until then, may His sweet Spirit be with each one of you as we embark on 1997.

In His love,