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Shepherdess International News

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By the journal staff and various contributors

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Asia-Pacific Division

* Mrs. MeHie Villoso, Shep­herdess Coordinator for the North Philippine Union, coordinated pastors' wives in the Union to do evangelistic meetings. She approached George and Marilyn Johnson (Ministerial Secretary and Shepherdess Coordinator for the Asia-Pacific Division) for funding for these pastors' wives to do evangelism. Elder Johnson agreed to provide U.S. $2,000 for 20 small meetings. Thus far over 324 baptisms have resulted from these committed pastors' wives and a ministerial secretary who believed in them.

* Under the planning of George and Marilyn Johnson, Shepherdess Coordinators and ministerial Secretaries met for four days at beautiful Mauk Lek for the quinquennial advisory. Enthusiastic reports were given of shepherdess activities around the Division, which included evangelistic meetings by pas­toral wives, retreats for pastoral families, and meetings for ministry wives. Ideas were exchanged on dealing with problems unique to the family serving in ministry.

Euro-Africa Division

* A cheerful group of ministers' wives from the German Swiss Conference met together for three days in June in the beautiful mountains of Bernese Oberland. The presentations, discussions, songs, and prayers centered on the subject of "peace." Inter­ruptions with gymnastics, theoretically and practically, made it easy to concentrate. On one evening the women had the special experience of coloring silk-scarfs. They all were thrilled by the beautiful results.

* Nearly one hundred pastors' wives from the Czecho-Slovakian Union accompanied their hus­bands to a mountain resort at Malenovice near the border of Czech Republic and Poland for a time of relaxation and spiritual refreshment. They represented the Bohemian, Moravia-Silesian, and Slovakian Conferences.

Perched on the side of a mountain in northern Moravia, the former communist retreat center was alive with singing, prayer, and praise. Several of the ladies were part of the orchestra that accompanied the song service at each main meeting. Several ladies con­tributed testimonies and music to the Sabbath afternoon praise service. Between meetings you could see them walking hand in hand with their husbands across the mountain meadow or along shaded trails beside gurgling streams.

Leading out in the women's meetings was Geri Mueller, Shep­herdess Coordinator for the Euro-Africa Division. She was assisted by Dorothy Eaton Watts, Shepherdess sponsor for British Columbia, Canada, who spoke on "Communicating Love" and "Success Secrets for Pastors' Wives."

Dorothy also spoke to the com­bined pastors' and wives' meetings on the topics "Stress and the Pastoral Family," "Expectations and the Pastor's Wife," and "Team Ministry." 

North American Division

* Arizona Conference ministry wives met together with Kay Kuzma for a special camp meeting breakfast at the Prescott Resort and Convention Center. They elected new officers, received gifts, and enjoyed the special message Kay gave just for them.

South American Division 

Trans-European Division

* Almost 30 pastors' wives from the Middle East Union participated in the World Min­isters Council held in beautiful Amman, Jordan. The featured speakers included Jeane Zachary, a pastor's wife and evangelist from California, who spoke about practical ways for a pastor's wife to lead others to Jesus. Margarida Sarli and Gizelle Easel, a mother /daughter team, both pastors' wives, presented an unique and interesting seminar on perspectives about growing up as a Pastor's Kid and becoming a pastor's wife. Joyce Neergaard, the Middle East Union Shep­herdess Coordinator, spoke sincerely and reached hearts about having a personal relationship with Jesus. Sharon Cress, from the General Con­ference, was also privileged to speak and fellowship with these pastors' wives for four days of meetings.