A Child and a Prayer

It is important for every Christian mother to pray with her children and to teach them family prayer.

N. Gritz lives in Relaya Tserkov, Ukraine, Translated by Natasha Mironova

Once a grandmother took her two-year old grandson Stephan for a walk in a park. Enjoying the untouched beauty of nature, the grand­mother showed the boy little pine cones, blue forget-me-nots and wild red berries. The boy was excited by all the new things he saw. He especially liked the red berries. When Stephan and his grandmother returned home, she noticed her glasses were no longer in her pocket.

The next morning the grand­mother went back to the park to look for her glasses. Soon she saw Yanek, a six-year-old son of the pastor, trying to catch up with her.

"What are you looking for?" the boy asked.

"My glasses."

"Let me help you look."

"All right."

They spent a long time looking for the glasses in the grass and on the paths, but it was all in vain. Then Yanek asked, "Have you prayed about your glasses?"

"Yes, sweetie."

"Then everything is going to be all right, we will find your glasses."

And sure enough, the glasses were found. That night the grandmother went to her grand­son's bedroom to make sure he was sleeping. She bent over his bed to give him a kiss and was surprised to see he was awake. Quietly Stephan mumbled, "Pray with me, Grandma."

The grandmother was very pleased to hear that request. It meant that the boy's parents prayed with the child. Stephan was taught the value and importance of prayer; he learned to love those special moments he shared with God and his parents.

A really devoted mother can give her child the most precious gift—the gift of sharing her thoughts and emotions.

It is important for every Christian mother to pray with her children and to teach them family prayer. When the children grow up, they will love those moments of prayer and will pray to the Lord when they have problems.

Blessed is the house where the children are brought to Christ and where parents ask God, through prayer, to accept them in His love.

Several years have passed since that time. Yanek is in school now. He is an exceptional student and a good friend for his peers. Stephan is getting ready to start school. He prays that his teacher will be a Christian. He learned to read when he was six. Every day he reads his Bible with bright pictures. He hopes to read his favorite story to his grade-school teacher.

I wish with alI my heart that these boys, sons of pastors, will grow up with a strong faith, an everlasting love of God and a desire to serve His church. What a blessing it will be if they continue their fathers' work—teaching the truth about salvation and God's love.