Greatest Things Ministers Wives Should Know

Greatest Things Ministers Wives Should Know

A poem.

Drs. A. & L. Gensolin are a retired dentist and a retired administrator at the Adventist University in the Philippines. From the Shepherdess Bulletin, Central Luzon Conference, January-March 1994.

Greatest evil—ignorance

Greatest need—knowledge

Greatest gift—time

Greatest problem solver—laughter

Greatest killer—gossip

Greatest loss—discouragement

Greatest sin—ingratitude

Greatest temptation—appetite

Greatest height—excellence in God's service

Greatest tool—education

Greatest waste—revenge

Greatest act—forgiveness

Greatest weakness—pride

Greatest expense—wasting time

Greatest exercise—meditation

Greatest medicine—sleep

Greatest lack—hard work

Greatest institution—marriage

Greatest thief—procrastination

Greatest teacher—experience

Greatest legacy—example

Greatest revelation—nature

Greatest tragedy—war

Greatest goal—peace

Greatest doctrine—righteousness by faith

Greatest shame—not trying

Greatest mistake—giving up

Greatest kindness—correct criticism

Greatest joy—gospel

Greatest book—Bible

Greatest friend—Jesus Christ

Greatest fellowship—prayer

Greatest day—today

Greatest age—your age now

Greatest father—Heavenly Father

Greatest need—guidance of the Holy Spirit

Greatest speaker—stands up, speaks up, and sits down *