Editor's Musings

Editor's Musings

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress is editor of the Journal

Happy New Year! Between the covers of this issue of The Journal, you will find articles written by clergy wives from six different Divisions. It never ceases to amaze me that even though we are so culturally diverse, we all suffer the same challenges, and God showers all of us with many of the same blessings.

Jim and I just moved, and I felt like grumbling through most of the process until I read Tabitha Phiri's article about her move. Isn't it amazing that so many times Jesus sees us through the tough times?

We have included two articles about Abigail. She was known in the Bible as a peacemaker. I believe if there is one thing our church needs, it is peacemakers. Satan is always eager to agitate and divide. As part of the pastoral family, we make a choice each day to either foster discontent or soothe troubled waters. Let's pray that during this new year of 1998, we will play the part of peacemaker.

Your friend in Jesus,