Editor's Musings

Editor's Musings

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress is editor of the Journal.

Here it is 1999 already. It is so tempting for me to think about how tired I am and how much I wanted to accomplish in 1998 that is still undone. My calendar testifies to the fact that I was over worked and over busy, but I wonder —did I do the urgent or the important? And, how can I do better in the new year?

It is easy to look back on the past and pontificate about how I might have done things differently and blame somebody else's expectations or agendas. What is really difficult is to look to the future, make my new year's resolutions, and then change me! That word, change, can create a great deal of frustration, discussion, and debate. Maybe it is because we always want somebody else to change so we don't have to. Or, we don't want them to change because we are comfortable with the status quo. As the new year begins, my resolutions involve some changes—in me. And, it just might bring about some changes in those who associate with me. I put them into an acronym so I can remember them.

C: Christ—I will make my time with Jesus a priority.

H: Husband—I will spend more time doing fun things with him.

A: Animal Physicals—I will spend more time taking care of my health.

N: Neighbors —I will take time for fun fellowship with those around me.

G: Gratitude—I will be more thankful for daily blessings that I take for granted.

E: Enjoy—I will enjoy the moment and make each day a delight not a duty

As each of you begins a new year, sort out in your own life the truly important from the tyrant of the insignificant. Look at the life of Jesus and study His short 30 years on this earth. It will make all the difference.

Happy New Year!