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East Africa Division

Angeline Musvosi, Shepherdess Coor­dinator for the Division reports:


South Mwanza Conference was the setting for 60 Shepherdesses who met together for a workers meeting March 23-27. Mrs. Angeline Musvosvi and Tanzanian Coordinator, Mrs. R. Manento lead out in the presentations with seminars on the topic of "The Ministers' Wife as a Leader." Group discussions included case studies. Church Elders wives joined the shepherdesses on the third day. Together they all celebrated the Lords Supper and made a recommitment to God's work.

Tanzania Adventist College has a Shepherdess chapter made up mainly of wives of pastors in training. Mrs. Angeline Musvovsi was the guest speaker at a day conference on March 20. Mrs. Mutaki is the local sponsor.


The ZUC Shepherdess Chapter was excited to be able to meet in a ministerial retreat held in Gweru with Pastor and Mrs. Joel and Margarida Sarli from the General Conference Ministerial Association and Dr. and Mrs. Joel and Angeline Musvovsi from the Ministerial Association at the Division. Mrs. Margarida Sarli presented seminars on character devel­opment in children. Mrs. Angeline Musvovsi lead in seminars about problems that face the pastors wives.

Central Zambabwe Conference holds quarterly weekend meetings for the Shepherdesses encouragement and spiritual growth. At the last rett eat Pastor M. Z. Lunga presented "Whom can I choose to resemble Me?" a seminar about influential men and women from Bible times. Each month the group holds a Shepherdess Day of Prayer and Fasting.


Uganda Union Shepherdess Coordina­tor, Ruth Aliddeki reports that the Uganda Shepherdesses get together during camp meetings where they learn how to give Bible studies, how to conduct communion services, how to counsel brides-to-be, how to manage finances, and how to pray for and visit the sick. Since funding for these meetings is so very limited, the Shepherdesses raise their own funds through bee-keeping, operating guest hostels and establishing a food factory


E. G. Malopa, Shepherdess Coordina­tor reports that she met with the Shepherdesses of Dididi, Mzuzu City, Nkhatahy, Lakeshore, Mximba and Eninuweni districts. The Shepherdess of Ighembe church is teaching the community how to make soap and giving health lectures. The shepherdess of the Karonga district is conducting Bible studies on the book of Revela­tion. The shepherdess of Dididi district has quarterly classes for girls with instruction about AIDS and being faithful to God by refraining from sex outside of marriage.


Maranatha Shepherdess Chapter/CKC reports that Nairobi Shepherdesses held a Family Life Crusade with 50 people enrolling in the VOP lessons. Nakruru Shepherdess group held a crusade in which 3 were baptized. Meru-Isiolo group held a crusade in which 22 were baptized. Ukambani Shepherdesses conducted three ralleys and all were blessed by the Biblical Family Life principles.

Euro-Africa Division

Frauke Gyuroka from Austria Union reports that she has begun giving Bible studies in her district and finds it very exciting and rewarding. The people she is studying with tell her how special it is to have the opportunity to study the Bible with others.

North American Division


Florida Conference Shepherdess Coor­dinator, Cheryl Retzer, reports on the Shepherdess retreats held during April, 1999. One group met in south Florida at the Sheridan Suites in Fort Lauder­dale and the other group met at the Adams Mark in Orlando. Marti Schneider, as the guest speaker for both events, focused on deepening the daily walk with Jesus and developing a personal mission statement. Spiritual renewal, fellowship, laughter, music and prayer were highlights of the weekends. One of the many responses from the pastors wives read: "This weekend was designed to make us as pastors wives feel special. I can go home refreshed in spirit and body to care for my family and serve my creator. I have renewed my commit­ment to spend more time with Jesus everday, the retreat meant more to me than you will ever know."

Southern Asia-Pacific Division


Shepherdess coordinator Dorothy Biswas reports that they have a total of 43 shepherdesses and she has met personally with most of them this year. This year the group has focused on spiritually as well as practically prepar­ing for the Lord's Supper.


Sarinah Simanjuntak, Shepherdess co­ordinator of the South Sumatera Mission reports the shepherdesses of Palembang Chapter visit and serve the elderly people in the nursing home operated by the government in Palembang City, South Sum atera. The condition of these elderly is poor and sad. The old people have to help themselves to get water from the well and wash their own clothes. Their surroundings and rooms are unhealthy and dirty. Every month the Palembang Chapter come to serve the old people by giving them nutritious food, cleaning their rooms and yards, bathing them, and cutting their hair. They end their service to these special people with prayer and the elderly do not mind even though most of them are Moslems. At every visitation the pastors wives are welcomed with smiles and happiness. Tears are shed when the women leave and they always say, "Please come again."

The Palembang Chapter Shepherdesses also conduct cooking classes followed by evangelistic crusades. This year they have baptized 141 precious souls. Praise the Lord!