Becoming Comforters

Part three in the "Loss, Grief, and Recovery" series.

Rae Lee Cooper and her husband live in Maryland where she works as an emergency room nurse, teaches music, enjoys singing with The National Christian Choir and loves to travel.


Nancy's baby had died three days after his premature birth and she lay despondent on her hospital bed. It was the end of the day and her doctor, who was on his way home, walked into the room. He talked with her about her son's medical complications and resulting death. When he was about to leave he asked, "Do you have any other questions about what happened?"  

Nancy thought a moment, then blurted out, "I do have one question. Why won't anyone talk to me?"

"Who won't talk to you?" he asked, surprised. "Is it the other doctors? The hospital staff? Your family and friends?"

"No one really talks to me. When the nurse comes in, she takes my blood pressure and leaves. The doctors check me to see how 1 am physically. My family asks a polite, `How are you