Elizabeth, Countess of Craven, Englad

I thank thee God, that I have lived

In this great world and known its many joys:

The songs of birds, the strongest sweet scent of hay,

And cooling breezes in the secret dusk;

The flaming sunsets at the close of day,

Hills and the lovely, heather-covered moors;

Music at night, and the moonlight on the sea,

The beat of waves upon the rocky shore

And wild white spray, flung high in ecstasy;

The faithful eyes of dogs, and treasured books,

The love of Kin and fellowship of friends

And all that makes life dear and beautiful.

I thank Thee too, that there has come to me

A little sorrow and sometimes defeat,

A little heartache and the loneliness

That comes with parting and the words 'Good-bye';

Dawn breaking after weary hours of pain,

When I discovered that night's gloom must yield

And morning light break through to me again.

Because of these and other blessings poured

Unasked upon my wondering head,

Because I know that there is yet to come

An even richer and more glorious life,

And most of all, because Thine only Son

Once sacrificed life's loveliness for me,


I thank Thee, God, that I have lived.


—Elizabeth, Countess of Craven, England (1750-1828)