Just Yesterday

A poem.

Norene Lyon Creighton writes from the South Pacific Division.

Just yesterday, it seems, they were here,

All sitting in their places,

Sweetly lighting up the pews

With their happy, eager faces.


Now a dimness and a darkness

Seems to hover in the aisles.

The sparkle is all missing;

Gone the youthful smiles.


We thought we were an active church.

The Board and Dorcas met

And talked of things that could be done,

And many plans were set.


The building fund was mentioned--

­The investment program too,

Ingathering had its moment.

Oh, so many things to do!


But it was all a little difficult

When all the talk was done

To plan for hikes and socials

That would give the youth some fun.


We let them pass out papers.

(We wished they had more zeal!)

But we failed to plan for programs

With special youth appeal.


We tried to make our church increase,

And searched for souls afar,

While the young people were departing

Through the back door left ajar!


So now they're gone! We wonder why

We've lost our precious youth.

Could it be we were too busy

Merely talking about the truth?