There Never was Another

There never was another like Christ.

Author unknown

There never was another

who was a human child and also

a divine son.


There never was another

who was wounded by Satan and who,

at the same time, crushed Satan.


There never was another

who walked the earth before He was born;

who was as old as His heavenly Father

and ages older than His earthly mother;

who wrote a law and 2,000 years later

came under that law;

who was judge of men, yet was led as

a felon from one court to another.


There never was another

who was Lord of the Sabbath, and yet accused

of being a Sabbath breaker;

who was appointed Saviour of humanity,

yet crucified by humanity.


He was the King of Glory,

but He wore an earthly crown of thorns.


He was the Prince of Life—dead.

Victim of a Roman Cross

Victor of a Jewish Grave.

The Creator,

a creature.

The Saviour,

a servant.

The Son of God,

a baby in Bethlehem.


—Author unknown