The Maidservant of Naaman's Mistress

I am happy that I can be like the maidservant of Naaman's mistress, leading people to Jesus.

Olive Kujur lived in New Delhi, India, when she wrote this article. She has since passed away. She enjoyed gardening, walking, interior decorating, reading and cooking.

As the guest room coordinator and wife of the Northern India Union President, I consider myself to be like the maidservant of Naaman's mistress. Guests come and go at all times and I have no set office hours, so I seldom get a chance to go out of Delhi. Sometimes I regret that I cannot even go out for the witnessing program. However, I do consider my humble work as God's work and always look for opportunities to speak to my guests about Jesus.

The Iranian Embassy is nearby, and once a family from Iran came asking for a place to stay. Although I had no guest room available, they pleaded that I somehow accommodate them. My husband was away, and I was reluctant to keep them in my house. However, seeing their need, I invited them into my house. Their two small children became very friendly, and the lady even used my kitchen to cook their food. The following day the lady felt comfortable enough to remove the burkha covering her head. She asked me which church I belonged to. When I told her, "I am a Seventh-day Adventist," she asked what that meant, and why I believed that Jesus is the Son of God.

This gave me an opportunity to tell them more about Christ and His saving power. On the third day, before they left for Calcutta, I gave them the Signs of the Times and some literature. They read all the literature and were impressed by the teachings of Jesus Christ. On their next visit to Delhi, they came again to my place and stayed for a couple of days. We cooked food and ate together as one family. Each morning they took part in our worship. My husband gave them some studies on the life of Jesus Christ. They were so interested that they requested an English Bible. Since I did not have a new one, my husband presented them his own Bible. They readily accepted it and said that they would read some every day.

Only eternity will tell the result of my witnessing. I am still doing the work of my Master, just as the maidservant of Naaman's mistress when she told about God's prophet and the power to heal.

On another occasion, I accompanied my husband on his official trip to Himachal Pradesh. Since he was busy with administrative work, I took the opportunity to meet women and talk to them about Jesus Christ. At the remote village of Ani, some Himachali women smiled at me and I smiled back. Soon we became friends, and they poured out their family problems. I told them about Jesus and His saving power, pointing them to Christ for the answers to all their problems. They listened carefully and promised to come to church the following Sabbath. T was happy that I could lead them to Jesus.

Our next stop was at Roga, which is about 8,000 feet above sea level. Women there, mostly elderly, took me inside a house and poured out their problems. "We are old and alone," they told me. "Our children are not with us, and we may die at any time." This was the best opportunity for me to talk to them about Jesus and His coming. In a short time I told them the Bible story, from creation through Christ's second coming and the hope of heaven. Many of those hill women gave their hearts to Jesus and obtained peace through faith in Christ. I look forward to visiting the cordial and loving Himachal Pradesh women again soon and telling them more about the love of God.

Through experience I have come to understand that the best way to witness is to tell what Jesus has done in your own life. I am happy that I can be like the maidservant of Naaman's mistress, leading people to Jesus.