The History of a Shepherdess

A personal testimony

was born in Madrid on April 7, 1940, just a few years after the Spanish Civil War. I am the only daughter of parents who worked very hard to make a living during those post-war years. My parents discovered the Adventist Church when I was but a child. My mother was baptized in 1958.1 was converted in 1962 as a result of the church's young people visiting me, the Sunday meetings and the reading of The Great Controversy.

I lost my job because of my Sabbath observance. My pastor, Pastor Bueno, suggested I work as a colporteur and I immediately accepted the idea. I worked as a colporteur for two years. During that time, I felt called to serve God through evangelism.

I decided to further my education and go to the seminary in Collonges, France. I wanted to get the Bible Instructor degree for I recognized the problems with authorities in Spain. They had accused our institutions' leaders of proselytizing so the institutions had been closed and forbidden to operate. I felt I had a mission in that field. During the summers, I earned my fees for school by working as a colporteur in Spain. God richly blessed me and I was able to study without economic problems.

At the end of three years, I obtained my diploma and immediately the Spanish Union employed me. I worked there for five years. It was a wonderful experience to participate in evangelistic campaigns, have numerous Bible studies and, as a result, see many people baptized.

In 1971, I went back to Collonges to celebrate the college's fiftieth anniversary. There I renewed an old friendship with a theology student who had studied there. A year and a half later, on October 6, 1972, we had a civil wedding in France and the religious wedding was held in Madrid on October 22, 1972.

My husband and I have served in eight churches in Paris, Rennes and Angers. I have had the blessing as serving as director of Sabbath School, Mission Activities, Bible Studies, Youth and many other departments.

During our stay in Rennes, our only daughter, Tania, was born. Shortly after that, my husband was nominated to serve the North French Field and he served there for nine years. He worked in the following departments: Sabbath School, Mission Activities, Dorcas and Christian Stewardship.

I have enjoyed taking an active part in Dorcas. We've held five-day plans, helped clothe the needy, encouraged the neighborhood children, etc. When we were members of the Maraichers et Champigny Church, I worked with the youth in Pathfinders and helped with Bible courses. I also worked with the elderly. Because the Conference was unable to remunerate me for my work, I had to work outside the home in whatever job I could as I had to assume the financial expense for my mother at a nursing home. I also had to pay my daughter's tuition. God blessed me with job opportunities that enabled me to both work and continue with my church activities.

Global Mission sent us, along with two pastoral couples, to the Amiens area to start a church in a virgin area as the Seminary believed there were no church members in that territory. I worked in public relations, passed out pamphlets, put up flyers/bill­boards in the city, did visitation, gave Bible studies, helped with five-day plans, seminars and the annual ingathering.

I've also helped my husband with the annual ten-day seminar for the Maranatha Seminar. During the last three years, I had the opportunity to take a psychology course called "Active Listening," which helps me to better understand others.

It is a pleasure to be involved in the pastoral work and share moments of joy and sadness with my colleagues. Our team has five persons and we continually work on new projects for the Lord.

For two and a half years, we've been at the church in Neuilly, Paris. I work with Women's Ministries and Church Life. I feel my life is very complete. Apart from these activities, I care for my elderly mother-in-law who is very disoriented.

Apart from my evangelism, I have many hobbies. I like the culture in Paris and when time permits, I visit museums such as the Louvre. I enjoy visiting the expositions, gardens, concerts and meetings presented in the area. I am curious about nature. I like to keep up with novelties (the new state of things) and current events. I like to sew and embroider and do all types of needlework. I also enjoy hairdressing and fix my friends and grandmother's hair. Music is a joy to me. The choir was one thing that helped in my conversion. I have taken courses in piano and song. I have sung in various choral groups. For seven years now, I have taken part in the North France Choir and Orchestra. Our group has grown to 50 and we perform two concerts a year. My husband goes with us and we have a wonderful time. I enjoy traveling and love to learn about other countries, cultures and customs.

Above all, I thank God for the husband He has given me. As a couple, we work together to advance new projects that God gives us. We long for the day when we will be together with our Lord Christ and our families, with our brothers and sisters in the faith and with our friends in the New Earth.