The Pastor's Helper

A pastor's wife reflects.

Judith is a secretary. Her hobbies include singing, reading and gardening. She also enjoys taking walks and viewing God's beautiful nature.

He needs the help, the harvest is plenty.

She does help.

She knows the ups and downs.

Supplementing the budget, as well as helping to spread the Gospel are worthy duties to do.

She is the pastor's helping hand.


He needs the help. The struggles and challenges are many.

She can help as she experiences them too.

She encourages him to remain steadfast and principled.

She makes sure he is spiritually nourished too.

She is there to cry beside him and praise with him in realizing God's blessings.


He needs the courage, the Bamabasses are few.

She does encourage. She has a warm heart that soothes and dresses the wounds of ministry.

She knows the words to say and when to say them to make him realize that His calling is special.

She is the pastor's special friend.


He needs someone to remind him; the tasks are many. She knows—she forgets too.

But she helps him remember the important things like family time.

Though he works for the Master, he needs his family.

Time is spent sharing tasks when possible.

She needs to be reminded to remind.


He needs Love. It is sometimes cold out there.

She knows how to make it warm, without necessarily using a heater.

She knows the home is a better place for him to relax and r-e-l-a-x.

He is there to appreciate, for it is a worthy gesture to be loved.

She knows no love can surpass the one at home.


He needs the assurance from someone who can give it well.

She is honest to reflect what needs to be known by him without fear or favor.

She knows he likes to listen too.

She knows he needs to be saved as well.


She is surely the Pastor's helper and friend.

Her reward the Lord has kept. She has so much to offer;

It only takes a prayer and inventory of talents to help the busy mate.

Indeed a co-worker is she.