Cooking Classes Win Souls!

How to lead out and reach more for Christ.

West Bolivia Mission Shepherdess magazine, Dialoguing (Dialogando).

Many pastors' wives lead out in cooking classes. Sometimes this is a big sacrifice in their part, but the number of people won is less than expected. This is a continuation of the most important aspects of cooking classes:
I. Use flyers that advertise local businesses, and let them distribute the flyers.
2. Give talks on health and food. Each day present one of the eight natural remedies.
3. Hold eight health classes once a week.
4. Ask that the attendees write out their questions and promise to answer them at the next class.
5. Discuss other topics after the cooking class, such as stress, depression, and Bible studies on: the Bible, the Sabbath, confession, the law of God, baptism, etc.
6. Choose the pastor or presenter that gives the spiritual emphasis who will be able to attend all the classes.

The talks should be well prepared. There should be a continuity and subtlety so that from the second or third class, there can be woven themes from God's word which are for our well-being physically and spiritually.

The presenter, besides winning the sympathy and love of the audience, should help them to get acquainted with Christ in His beauty, splendor, and love.

If we want the people to fall in love with Christ, this can be done through biblical research—studying those things they are interested in knowing if they will promise to attend the classes.

If this happens, we should keep in mind the following points:

The classes should continue for about two months, with meeting times once a week.

There should be no break between the cooking class and the biblical research.

It would be better to have both the cooking class and the biblical research in the same place in the church, to avoid having to move from one place to another. People get used to coming to one place.

It is preferable that the classes be conducted on the same day the church has for Prayer Meeting. It can be a little bothersome for those attending Prayer Meeting, but it is favorable for the class attendees because they get used to this day and time.

When the people advance in biblical research and are invited to attend the Prayer Meeting, it will be difficult for them to say no, because they have already formed the good habit of coming to the church. Of course, the church members need to be prepared for this.

The class members should be invited to attend classes on Sabbath in the morning until they are baptized. One pastor's wife tells us: "If you had asked me how I was encouraged to do this, I would not have known how to answer you, as there have been times my nerves seemed to devour me. But there is something I am sure of. Praying on our knees makes this possible. Only God can train us to be ready or prepared for this task."