Fatalism or Choice?

Everyone has a choice.

Naty is a pastor's wife in the South American Division.

The Winter is almost over and so are the memories of rain, wind, snow and cold. Nature seems to writhe under a certain fatalism.

It is always so! Winter means cold, rain, storms, floods, avalanches, fog, tornadoes, destruction, filth, abandonment and death.

For most people, Winter means discomfort, deprivation, loneliness, sadness, emptiness, nostalgia, spookiness, anxiety, silence. Such negative and fatalistic feelings prevent them from enjoying the beauties and wonders of this season.

Too often, winter symbolizes other kinds of fatalism. For many, marriage is a closed letter. Children arc a nightmare. Family is a prison. Fatalism pervades our society.

It has always been so, it will always be so.

In an attempt to destroy this ideological fatalism, special years and holidays have been created. There is the International Year of the Family, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day, Tree Day, Environment Day and so on. Can they change a fatalistic attitude into a positive one?

It has not always been so, but it must be so now.

Does being a pastor's wife seem fatalistic? Does it always mean the negative: moving, packing, enduring, renouncing, sacrificing?

It has always been so, but it does not necessarily have to be so

You, as a pastor's wife, can represent more than service, silence and sacrifice. You must be more than that.

A pastor's wife knows what it means to feel love; her days are lightened as she looks forward to victory with Christ.

The pastor's wife is like a pure snow flake shining and reflecting its projected, inside light.

To be a pastor's wife is the most dignifying situation a woman can aspire to. It is more than being a woman, more than being a mother. It is the privilege given to that woman who is also a mother of her own children and of those who God places in her path through her husband's ministry. The pastor's wife's role differs from her husband's. The pastor's wife must consider herself the happiest, the most privileged woman because God, the Creator, is the one who put her in that noble position. This is not fatalism but divine choice?

Everyone has a choice. My prayer is that you exchange the fatalistic mask that feels despair at your situation in life and trade it for a radiant glow that comes from knowing you have been given the privilege of Divine election.