Miraculous Healing

God is great. Here's what He did for me.

Dorothy Garwe is an Administrative Assistant (Cultural Section) of the American Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe. Dorothy's hobbies are gardening, cooking, sewing and conducting vegetarian cooking seminars.

God is great. Only He knows what is happening in our bodies even before we do. Last February I began having continuous headaches. I had no idea what caused them. I wondered if I needed glasses. The pain was so bad I felt like the headaches were migraines. At times I wondered if I had a brain tumor. When the head­aches continued for some time, I decided to go see my family doctor. His diagnosis was "migraine head­aches!' He gave me some pain killers and told me to return if the pain did not get better. Unfortunately, the pain medication did not help the headaches. A second visit to the doctor was necessary.

I went to a specialist who asked me to describe the pain. Based on my description he thought I was suffering from migraines and was hesitant to refer me to a radiologist for a C. T. scan. Because the pain was so intense, I insisted on the scan. The pain was causing me to throw up and I was worried about what was going on in my body.

After the scan was completed, I was told to return in a week to find out the test results. I took some time off work per my doctor's orders and returned home full of questions. What if I had a brain tumor? Was going to die? I had no answers so I prayed to God, "Lord, you know better than me, strengthen me and give me courage until I see the results of the scan." Throughout the week I thought of my three children and my husband. How would they cope without a mother and wife? When you are sick, there are so many things to think about. I kept reminding myself that God is in control of my life.

I returned to the doctor's office on the appointed date. I was in his office when he read the test results. He looked at the x-rays, then looked at me and said, "Oh, Mrs. Garwe, it can't be, it can't be." As you can imailine, many things were going through my mind. I didn't know whether to cry or not. Based on the doctor's response, I concluded that I had a brain tumor.

The doctor asked me to go to another room and sit down. He joined me and asked me some questions. Had I been involved in a car accident? The answer was no. Had my husband ever beat me? I actually laughed at that question. explained to him what a kind­hearted person my husband was. He then said, "Mrs. Garwe, this x-ray shows that you have a subdural hematoma; in simple terms, there is bleeding in your brain which formed a clot and the clot is causing pressure on your brain. It needs urgent attention." I sighed, but felt a bit of relief. At least I did not have a brain tumor. My doctor arranged for me to see a neurosurgeon immediately. 

The neurosurgeon chatted with me and explained the procedure he was going to use when he operated. lie helped calm me down when he told me of the success he had had with other patients. Because the surgery involved my head I was extremely nervous. I talked to the Lord and said, "I know there is nothing difficult for you, Lord. I know there is something You want me to learn from this experience. May Your will be done." After my prayer, I thought of calling other shepherdesses and friends, but then I began feeling sorry for myself, so I dropped that idea.

I was admitted to the hospital on February 4, 1998. Many of my Adventist friends who worked at the hospital came to see me and give me encouraging words. Nevertheless, I was quite nervous. Then God sent an Adventist gentleman who prayed with me. He read Psalm 91:14-16. I felt strengthened and began to relax. This gentleman explained to me what was going to happen to me, He told me what to expect when I went into the operating room. He described the big, bright machines I would see. He told me how the doctors and nurses would be dressed. He helped put me at ease.

When I was wheeled into the operating room, I was not surprised at the hub of activity that was going on around me. My friend had explained how busy everyone would be. Soon the anesthetist was beside me, explaining what he was doing. The next thing I remember was a nurse calling my name. I opened my eyes drowsily and was surprised to see it was 12:30. I asked the nurse if the operation was over and she said yes.

After three days I felt so much better. On the fifth day after the operation I was discharged. The nursing staff was surprised at my quick recovery. I told them that God had healed me so quickly. From that day on, the headaches have disappeared.

I thank the Lord for this miraculous healing and my faith in Him has been strengthened because of this experience.

Dorothy Garwe is an Administrative Assistant (Cultural Section) of the American Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe. Dorothy's hobbies are gardening, cooking, sewing and conducting vegetarian cooking seminars.