Witnessing Begins at Home

The best missionaries come from Christian homes.

Esnart and her pastor husband have three children. She enjoys writing and reading the Shepherdess Journal and International News.

The best missionaries come from Christian homes. Missionaries for the Master are best prepared for their work when they are reared in homes where God is worshiped, God is feared and God is loved.

There is no missionary field more important than the home. Too many home fields are shamefully neglected. Parents are too busy with other church duties and little time is given to the family. Brothers and sisters bicker with one another instead of showing affection and interest. The spirit of Christ cannot be seen. 

When the home is looked upon as a missionary field, family members recognize the importance of caring and loving one another, Sisters can positively influence their brothers. Parents can teach their children by Christ-centered example. Brothers can build the self-confidence of their sisters by accepting and loving. A well-ordered Christian household is a powerful argument in favor of Christ, an argument the infidel cannot gainsay. True Christian homes are the "light of the world." A light will shine from such homes which will reveal itself to unbelievers, leading them to the source of all knowledge.

Too often, the cheery smile and kind, encouraging words are saved for others while the family members see only the frustrated, over­burdened selves. Remember, the first work of Christians is to be united in family. Let the light shine there first, then extend it to neighbors and friends.

He who lives Christianity in the home will be a bright and shining light elsewhere.