The Miracle in Bethlehem

Via Helpmate, Upper Columbia Conference, Washington.

Author unknown. 

It was the night before Christmas and all through the town

everybody was busy, it was time to "bed down."

The stockings were pulled on all feet to keep warm, 

a chill in the air caused a bit of alarm.


As the little ones slept, others searched, some in vain

for a warm place to sleep and keep out of the rain.

Mama in her kerchief, Papa in his cap

had just gone to bed when they heard someone rap.


And out on the lawn was a sight to he seen!

A man and his wife not looking too lean!

The donkey she sat on looked tired and spent 

and they looked like they wouldn't have money for rent.


It looked like the woman would soon have a child,

and the weather was really not what you'd call mild!

Papa felt a pang in his heart for these two,

but his inn full of beds was filled up —what to do!


Mama to the rescue! suggesting the barn.

Twas better than nothing, and certainly warm.

So off they all went to see what they could do

Fresh hay in the manger—the bahy was due!


With gratitude, man and wife thanked the old pair,

who went back to the inn, thankful they could share.

But later that night something woke them from sleep!

A bright light lit the room, from their bed they did leap!


They looked out the window, and there not too far,

was the biggest, the best, the brightest new star!

And over the hilltors some shepherds ran down

and seemed to be searching through Bethlehem town. 


Papa and Mama ran into the street

to ask a good shepherd to rest his sore feet

And tell them what happened that caused such a stir!

So the shepherd reported all that did occur.


He told of the angels who lit up the sky

with God's glory—and told of a baby nearby

Wrapped in swaddling clothes, laid in a manger with hay

in somebody's barn—and it's over this way!


It might be our barn they told the shepherd

but what is so special about what you heard?

The shepherd reported to them what was said—

The Savior! The Lord's in that small manger-bed!


The three on the run entered into the barn,

and there on the hay the new baby kept warm.

The Savior it was! Of that they were sure!

And "Jesus" they called Him—so perfect, so pure!


And in the short distance they heard angels sing

"Glory to God, peace on earth, He's your King!"

What a wondrous event did take place that great night

when Jesus our Lord came to do what was right.


To set an example, to show us the way

to our Father in heaven who loves us always,

To pay for our sins which, ourselves, we can't do,

by dying and shedding His blood for me and you.


The shepherds returned to the sheep on the hill

with a song in the air of praise and goodwill.

Others came, rich and poor, in the days that went by,

The star showed them the way, shining bright in the sky.


And today we remember the babe in the hay—

Merry Christmas To All—Follow Him! He's the Way!