Jualoma Miles

Kind and thoughtful, generous and sweet,

Helpful and cheerful, faithful and neat,

Good wife and good mother, good neighbor, good friend,

Good worker, good mixer- oh, where will it end?


Thy people, O Lord, expect all this of me.

A paragon of virtue they feel I should be.

I know, O my Father, it's known only above

That inside I'm oft fearful and lacking in love.

That doubt and rebellion, cross words and such

Struggle for mastery—trouble me much.

Each morning Thou givest me strength for the day,


Each evening my failures before Thee I lay.

Dear Father, I must have Thee ever with me 

That I may faithfully represent Thee.

May I "hold up the hands" of my husband, dear Lord,


That he may devotedly give forth Thy word.