An "If" for Pastor's Kids

Being all that God expects you to be.

Virginia R. Kerr

If you can display perfect speech and manner

And still be able to ruff and tumble with your friends.

If you know when to be silent like a church mouse

And yet understand when silliness might offend.


If you can know when to demand your parent's attention

To your very important heartaches and your joys.

If you feel that most people love and accept you

And can relax and play like other girls and boys.


If you realize how to keep a confidence,

That there are secrets you must never tell,

But know that you don't need to bear all the burden,

That there will always be forgiveness when you fail.


If you can reach a happy balance between

What you are and what parents need for you to be,

Of what is expected by the entire congregation

And that which within yourselves you feel is "me."


If you can fill the position you've been thrust in

By happenstance of birth, rather than choice,

Close your ears to others' conflicting expectations,

Listen only to the instructions your parents voice.


If you can be a child-like young Jesus,

Learning wisdom at your dad and mother's knee,

You can then rest in this great assurance,

That you'll be all that God expects of you to be.