Editor's Musings

Editor's Musings

How much are you and I trying to carry into this new year?

Sharon Cress is editor of the Journal 

One day a father was unloading church materials from the trunk of his car. His little daughter was standing near, anill as the father unloaded the packages from the car, he laid them In the arms of the child. A young playmate watched the process. As parcel after parcel was laid in her arms, the playmate friend began to fear that the load was becoming too heavy, and said: "Don't you think you have as much as you can carry?"

"Never mind," said the girl in a harp tone, "Father knows how much I can carry and he won't overload me! What a trustful little girl. There was no danger of stress or injury because of her confidence in her father.

What a lesson from a little child! Are you faithful, hardworking, ministry wives -- "unloading" the car on your own, carrying to much, balancing much more than we should, because we do not allow our Heavenly Father to hand us just the amount he knows we can carry.

A new year has begun. Resolutions have been made. Are they balanced expectations? How much are you and I trying to carry into this new year? Will we wait and let our Heavenly Father guide us in what He wants us to do for Him, or are we frantically grabbing packages of work that will end up physically or emotionally crushing us? 

You are a valuable woman. You are valuable most of all to Jesus. He created you with just the physical and emotional strength He knew you would need to carry what He gives you. He bought you with His own blood. You are valuable to His bride, the church. Ministry wives give more volunteer time and monetary contributions to the church than any other group of people. You are valuable to your family. They depend on your strength to encourage them.

In this new year, let's resolve to let Jesus hand us not only the burdens He knows we can carry. He has promised that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. God bless everyone of us.