New Year

A new year's poem.

This poem originally appeared in the Arizona Shepherdess newsletter in January 2003.

New Year's come

New Year's go

What did I accomplish?

What was my goal?


Did I reach out to someone

along life's busy way?

Did I help someone

have a better way?


Did I help lift someone's burden

when it was just to heavy to bear?

What were my accomplishments?

What were my goals achieved?


Did I help others find Him

who bore it all for me?

Did I share Jesus with them,

the One who died to set me free?


Have I made the world a better place

by the things I've done or said?

Have I left a good impression

by the life that I have led?


Another year is over

another year begun

Will I live the same way

as in the year that's already done?


Or will I during this New Year

determined in my heart

that this year will be different

I'll give Jesus every part!