Editor's Musings

Editor's Musings

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress is editor of the Journal. 

PKs. Pastors' Kids. Privileged kids or persecuted kids? Potential kids or problem kids? Everybody has their own personal notion of what it means to be the offspring of a clergy couple.

My husband, Jim, grew up in a pastor's home, and his childhood was not enviable. Memories of experiencing his father's overly-strong discipline (even in the presence of church members) for minor infractions such as running on the sidewalk after church services negatively colored his perspective of life in the ministry home. It was alright for the other kids to run down the sidewalk after church, but not the PK. Jim's exuberant.personality and boundless energy did not match the PK profile. Great expectations led.to cruel behaviour.

I want to believe things have changed. I want to believe all PKs are now cherished by both their parents and church members as the little individuals God created. I want to believe this because I have watched my nieces, Jana and Jaci, grow into beautiful mature Christian women, nurtured by their ministry parents, John and Pam. I have observed my nephew, Josiah, grow into a handsome Christian man faithfully guided by his ministry parents, Mark and Eulita. (And. those who know our family know that we tend to bree trong- willed younguns! Smile!) Now in her young years, little Meredith continues to  command the diligence and patience of her ministry parents, Dave and Lynne. The one thread that seems to run true through all this positive parenting is dependence upon God's guidance and faithfulness to the individual personalty of each child. I have never seen any of these clergy couples sacrifice their kids to the expectations of anyone other than God. Kudos to all.

I believe that PK simply moans Potential Kids. Gifts from our Father waiting to be valued for their uniqueness. Gifts from our Father to be molded into His likeness, not ours. 

God bless us every one,