Shepherdess International News

Shepherdess International News

News from around the world.

By the Journal staff. 

Euro-Asia Division

Galina Stele, Shepherdess Coordinator for the division, shares pictures of programs held at Zaosky Seminary for the ministry wives.

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North American Division

Elizabeth Bediako, General Conference Ministerial Association, presented seminars to the pastors' wives of Michiana Ghanaian at Andrews University in Michigan. This special weekend event featured seminars and fellowship with Mrs. Bediako.

Northern Asia-Pacific Division

Over 200 Shepherdesses met together for a bi-division Shep­herdess Convention at the Grand Seasons Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ellen Missah, outgoing Shepherdess Coordinator for the division, planned the large convention as her last official function. Special guest seminar presenters included Dr. G. T. Ng, Secretary of Southern Asia-Pacific Division; Dr. Sally Phoon, Education and Shepherdess Director; and Mrs. Sharon Cress. Other participants included Dr. Alberto Gulfan, Jr., Southern Asia-Pacific Division President; Dr. John Duroe, Southern Asia-Pacific Division Ministerial Secretary; Mrs. Ellen Duroe; Dr. Dong Woon Irn, Korean Union Ministerial Secretary; and Dr. Jairyong Lee, Northern Asia-Pacific Division Ministerial Secretary. Participants were blessed with a full schedule of seminars, discussion groups, and cultural programming. Special reports on evangelism and gospel work in the local areas was a highlight on Sabbath afternoon. The Saturday night finale featured a cultural program with each Union represented participating. Special devotional speaker Dr. Kenneth Mulzac and his wife, Belynda, a vocalist, brought spiritual food each day to the delegates.

South American Division

Mello Guedes, AFAM Coordinator for the Union, planned the magni­ficent event for the clergy wives. Friendship, fellowship, nurture and continuing education were all featured as well as a cultural program Saturday night. The food and accommodations were superior and all the women left feeling appreciated and nurtured. 

Elder Kalbermatter, the union president, spoke to the ladies about his personal appreciation for their mission in the church and the positive influence of his own spouse in his ministry. Mrs. Evelyn Nagel and Mrs. Raquel Arrais from the division were special featured speakers. Mrs. Margarida Sarli and Mrs. Sharon Cress from the General Conference Ministerial Association also participated.

Southern Asia-Pacific Division

Dr. Sally Phoon, Shepherdess Coordinator for the Southeast Asia Union Mission planned an evening event for the ministry wives. The ladies met together at the Union office for a seminar, fellowship, and discussion with Sharon Cress, and then several wives were joined by their spouses for a delightful restaurant meal. 

Cambodia: Three hundred children gathered in the stadium in Kampong Cham province for a meeting of all Christian youth. The program began with a march around the stadium holding up posters with Bible verses. Then the children sang and played Christian games. Some had invited several of their Buddhist friends to come. This ingenious Children's Event was planned by Mrs. Horng Sopheap, Shepherdess Coordinator of the Cambodia Mission. She states, "How joyful it will be to see the little children from all nations singing the song of praise to the Lord in heaven! Pray for us in Cambodia," 

Trans-European Division

Kveta Ceplova, Shepherdess Coordinator for the Czech Republic, reports pastors' wives celebrated a weekend gathering. They exchanged information about various activities in their churches. Then a casual survey was taken asking pertinent questions about their personal ministries and sharing ideas, One Shepherdess plays football and invites other women to come, another teaches music, one gives cooking schools, and another teaches the English language to adults. All of these activities give these clergy wives the opportunity to share their faith in Jesus.

General Conference Shepherdess

Annual Council 2003 brought administrators spouses from several divisions to the meetings for delegate spouses. Dr. Graham Stacey, professor of psychology at Loma Linda University, was the guest speaker. Dr. Stacey presented practical topics relevant to life as the clergy spouse. In the afternoons he graciously scheduled individual counseling sessions. Mrs. Rae Lee Cooper led the exercises each day and Mrs. Kari Paulsen, Shepherdess sponsor, presented a closing message.

Inter-American Division

Pastors' wives joined in the Continuing Education program in Colombia. They had a good time and it was a blessing to teachers and participants.