The National Pastor's Wife

The wife of a pastor plays an important role in the work of God.

Esnart is a pastor's wife from Zimbabwe. She and her husband have three children. She enjoys encouraging and helping people seek the Lord's power and guidance.

The wife of a pastor plays an important role in the work of God. She is the one who cares for the pastor and enables him to concentrate. Her encouragement brightens his day and helps calm him as he deals with problems that occur in the church. By making the home a place of contentment and peace, the wife permits her husband to find solace in his family. He is able to meditate and study in prayer knowing his home is being well-managed.

The wife of a pastor is an example to those around her. She is her husband's helpmate. Her responsibilities are many and, at times, may seem overwhelming. Excellent counsel may be found by reading good books such as The Ministry of Healing. Reading about and meditating upon the lives of the wives and mothers in the Bible can be an inspiration to the pastor's wife. Ruth, Naomi, Anna, Sarah, Priscilla, Dorcas and Mary, the mother of Jesus, are just a few of the Bible women who can be examples to the pastor's wife.

Martin Luther once said, "There is nothing in the world more tender than a woman's heart in which piety abides." Abraham Lincoln, full of gratitude to his foster mother, said, "All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." Proverbs 19:14 says, "A prudent wife is from the Lord." Clearly, women have a great influence over those around them.

The place where the pastor's wife attains supreme importance is the home. There humanity finds its most valuable resources. One of the greatest contributions the wife can make to her husband's ministry is to keep the home orderly and clean. It has been said that cleanliness is next to godliness. When the pastor leaves on a trip, he goes in peace when he lea., es a well-organized and well­cared-for home. He does not need to worry about the home fires as he prepares to do God's work in the field.

By caring for her husband and family, the pastor's wife plays an invaluable role in God's work. May God be with every pastor's wife as she works side-by-side with her husband to bring about Christ's soon coming.