Editor's Musings

Editor's Musings

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress is editor of the Journal

Dear friends,

Psalm 23:3 contains a promise for you and me— "He restores my soul."

About this time of year most of us yearn for some restoration of our souls. 2004 has been filled with blessings and joys, but it also demonstrated to us the results of living in the land of the enemy.

W. G. Bowen, a New Zealand shepherd, said, "Problems are not the problem, but the problem is in trying to cope with problems on our own and with our own resources and in our own strength, or weakness, without the help of the Shepherd."

Jesus our Shepherd is ready and waiting to restore you and me. If you have been running with the wrong people, the Shepherd is ready to replace them with people who value you. If you have been running too fast for too long, the Shepherd is ready to revive you with His strength. If you have been running on empty, the Shepherd is ready to refresh you with His Word. If you have been running away, the Shepherd is waiting to retrieve you back to His purpose. And if you are running scared, the Shepherd is ready to refocus you on His love and protection.

This is the season when we reflect on the first Advent. We focus on that fact that Jesus came and paid the ultimate price to restore us. With that in mind, the Fourth Quarter Journal is dedicated to inspirational stories that we hope will draw you closer to our Shepherd, Jesus, who longs to restore your soul.

God bless us every one,