When Joy is Gone

In our times of joylessness, we must continue to trust and serve the Lord.

Jacqueline Hoshing-Clarke

David lost his joy. Psalm 51 tells us he lost his joy because of his own sin. David violated the sixth commandment and broke the seventh. With no joy in his life, David's spirit was broken. He was both an adulterer and murderer. I imagine his feelings of self-worth were as low as they could go. Perhaps he even wanted io die. Thankfully, David saw himself as he really was, and he sought God with his whole heart.

David cried to God for mercy, cleansing, and forgiveness. He realized that it was against God that he had ultimately sinned, for all sin is against God. David, the man described as a man after God's own heart, prayed earnestly for a clean heart, a right spirit, and restored joy. He yearned and longed for the experience of joy and gladness in the Lord.

God did not forsake David. He heard his cry. He inclined His ear unto him and answered David. He gave David peace and restored his joy. What a merciful God we serve!

Like David, we too sometimes lose our joy. We may not have committed adultery or murder, but other conditions caused by sin make us joyless. We may feel weak and helpless, but take heed. At such times, we tend to lean heavily on the Lord and we are given the opportunity to get closer to Jesus.

Fortunately, we serve a God who is powerful and who is able to restore joy, He is able to renew the right spirit in us. He can deliver us from ills and bring back sunshine into our homes. 

In our times of joylessness, we must continue to trust and serve the Lord. We must seek Him with our whole hearts like David did. Despite our flaws and difficult circumstances, God will give us strength to carryon. In His own time, He will restore our joy.

Remember, the darkest hour is just before dawn. Do not give up now, for Jesus is coming soon. Joy, real joy, will soon be here.