Relentless Exposure

Our God is an awesome God!

Glenise lives in Melbourne, Australia. She enjoys sewing clothes for babies and encouraging teenagers in their journey of life.

As I sat pondering my situation, my heart was heavy. Though I had expected things would be difficult, I had not expected things to be like this. A multitude of emotions flooded my mind. I was so confused. How could Jo do this to me? I mean, calling off our marriage was out of the question! At least that's the way I saw it. But obviously Jo had a different opinion.

As I sat there, thinking of life's twists and turns, I could not help but think of that night not so long ago. The evening had been perfect. Twilight seemed to hang on longer than usual, and Jo and I shared so much together. We talked of our dreams and hopes for the years to come. We talked of the children we would one day have. We both wanted boys and girls, but we agreed we wanted a son first, a son to carry on the family name. We prayed together that night. We thanked God for our relationship and the future we shared. Jo left long after dark.

Now it was three months later, and our secret would soon be obvious. I was pregnant. Yes, I'd given myself to Jo even though I was rather overwhelmed at the idea. But it was a wonderful experience. It seemed a bit out of this world, really. I only felt saddened that I could not share my joy with my friends. I knew they would not understand.

But the unthinkable happened. I was pregnant with Jo's child. Jo didn't get mad or angry when I gave him the news. He was shocked though. In his agitation, he made it clear our marriage was off. Now I was the one to be shocked. What about all our dreams and hopes? Jo said it would be better for me if we did not marry. Better for me? My heart was breaking, and my life was in turmoil.

Teenage pregnancies were dealt with harshly in my family. Who could I turn to? I was scared. I thought of a cousin I had little contact with. She was older than me and she had moved away ages ago. Still, maybe I could find her. My heart started thumping wildly in my chest as I thought of opening an unfamiliar door. I hurriedly called her before my courage ran out.

My dear cousin Beth welcomed me with open arms. Her enthusiasm and excitement engulfed me. In Beth I found a kindred spirit.

When I went to live with Beth, she was six months' pregnant. We shared so much. Dates were compared, diets discussed, priorities established. The nurture and support I needed most were readily available. Beth's patience exceeded all expectations.

Putting aside her own problem of a non-converted husband, Beth motivated me spiritually. She encouraged me to develop a deeper relationship with God. She suggested I keep the relationship between myself and Jo open and friendly.

As our tummies grew, so did our friendship. Beth's kind spirit and wise counsel helped Jo and me draw close together once again. We planned our marriage, and soon it was time to move from Beth's home.

Beth and her husband Zak had a little boy. They named him John. And wonder of wonders, my baby arrived right on time. A united Jo and I named him Jesus after the Son who took me beyond my greatest fears and wildest dreams. Our God is an awesome God!