East-Central Africa Division

Shepherdess International News

By the Journal staff.

* Mrs. Miriam Njagi reports: "We praise God for all His care and protection. Though we experience a number of trials, the Lord carries us through. We praise His holy name. Our union has three conferences and five fields. Each conference/field has a Shepherdess chapter."

Each chapter has divided itself into small areas in order to reach every shepherdess. In each region pastors' wives meet once a month or quarterly, and the whole group meets once a year. The shepherdesses have to walk long distances to gather for fellowship and evangelism.

* The shepherdesses from the Kenya Lake Field started a tailoring school in order to help each other. They held prayer and Bible study groups and were able to visit the needy people around them. They distributed food and clothing that they had carried from their homes.

The South Kenya Conference chapter was able to conduct rallies in different districts and went to Kilgoris to fellowship with the Masaai shepherdesses who live far away.

* Shepherdesses from the Kenya Coast Field participate in many activities. They visit the retired shepherdesses, new mothers, and the sick. They travel by lorries through Tsavo National Park to Kilibasi Church where they meet their fellow shepherdesses. The distance from the main tarmac road is 45 kilometers. They spend the weekend and distribute clothes to the needy people.

Photos on this page are from the Coast Field Shepherdesses as they travel to Kilibasi

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