A Cambodian Widow's Story

Testimony from a Global Mission Pioneer.

In Sokun is a widow with five children who led her family to become Christians.

My name is In Sokun. I'm a Global Mission Pioneer in Phnom Penh City. Before I believed in God, I got seriously sick for five years; I could not eat food and I could not sleep well because of trouble from the devil. I ate only rice soup and water. My great-grandmother was possessed of a devil that cared for an idol god. She wanted me to be the next keeper of the idol god. I did not want to do anything with the idol, but my parent,; told me that the idol god wanted me to replace my grandmother's generation. If I did not accept it, I would die.

One day my friend came to visit me, and she told me not to let the devil rule on my life and not to worship an idol god. She said that I was to worship only Jesus, and she gave me a Bible. I read Genesis 1:1 three times I did not believe that God created the world. I thought that the earth evolved by itself. Not long after I read the Bible, I decided to go to church because I wanted to know clearly about God and see if Jesus could heal me from my sickness. Therefore, my friend asked the pastor and the church members to pray earnestly for me. The Holy Spirit led my heart to God, and I got better from my sickness.

Not so long after I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior, I felt hungry and wanted to eat rice and other foods as well. How wonderful is the almighty God! He helped me to be able to eat two plates of rice after five years of my sickness. Thank God for giving me good health and saving me from the evil spirit. The same day before I went to bed, I prayed to God, and that night I slept well—nothing disturbed me like before. I love God so much because He has great power in my life.

My husband died in 2001; I felt hope­less because there would be no one to support my family. Pr. Hang Dara and his wife encouraged me to trust in God, and they prayed for me. God answered my prayer. Several months after my husband died, Sharon Roger asked me to work at the SDA school part -time and look after the students; in the evening, I went to visit the church members with Pr. Hang Dara and church elders.

When the mission chose 30 Glo­bal Mission pioneers in Phnom Penh in April 2002, God called me to work with them. Now I have 32 students who are studying the Bible with me, and 25 students preparing for bap­tism.