Editor's Musings

Editor's Musings

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress is editor of the Journal

As you opened this issue of the Journal, you found a new layout and design. A new quinquinnium and a new year seemed the appropriate time to freshen our look. One thing in life is certain and that is change. We are experienceing a hearty dose of change here at Shepherdess International, the Ministry to Clergy Families.

First, Ann Taylor, who has creatively laid out the magazine for the past 13 years has accepted a full-time position in presidential. We want to publically thank you, Ann, for the good run. Despite your move to the West Coast and back to D.C. you diligently kept on track and on time with the magazine deadlines. Thank you. We miss you.

Secondly, Mary Fowler, who has diligently worked to make sure that the minute the magazine arrived from the printers, it was faithfully prepared for mailing, is retiring. The stacks of boxes that filled your tiny office made it nearly impossible to move at times, but you never complained. You made sure that ministry wives from Maine to Madagascar quickly received their Journals. We know already that we will miss you, Mary.

Thirdly, we have several changes in our Shepherdess Division Coordinators around the world. You will see several of them listed below and as soon as all are appointed and in place we look forward to introducing them to you. To those of you who are moving on from this responsibility to new ventures, we love you and wish you well. To those of you joining us, welcome to the greatest job you will ever have.

How are we coping with all this change? Shelly has assumed the awesome responsibility of layout for the magazine (thank you, Shelly!) and we are in the process of organizing the mailing. In March the division coordinators will meet in Washington and set the course for the next five years. And, I am so fortunate to serve the greatest group of women in the world.

Happy New Year, and God bless you every one.