God Answers Prayer

An encouraging word to Shepherdesses everywhere.

Gorgonio Jimeno is the Shepherdess president for Gnam-Micronesia Mission

Twelve shepherdesses huddled together in the brightly lit Simply Food place asking God to intervene for Priscy. Priscy is one of the shep­herdesses on Guam. Her eyes had been bother­ing her for quite a while. She was seeing double. Now she was experiencing some blindness and was afraid she would lose her eyesight altogether. Her doctor referred her to a doctor in New York. But she couldn't afford to go. Also, this would be her first trip to the United States. But if she did not go, she would become blind. Thus it was that the shepherdesses asked the Lord to help Priscy.

It was December. Cold! First trip to the U.S.A. Her doctor called again and said that there was another specialist in California. What a relief! Now the ladies prayed that the operation would be successful.

Priscy and her husband went to California for the surgery. We continued to pray for them until they came home. God answered our prayers! Priscy is well, and she has gone back to work at the Seventh-day Adventist Clinic again. God works in mysterious ways!

This is one of the activities of our shepherd­esses. We meet every second Monday of the month to fellowship, pray, and to do some activi­ties such as cooking demonstrations, crafts, and recipe exchanges. We also ask people to talk to us about the subjects dear to them.

To make our fellowship more interesting, we have Secret Pals. We give presents to one another on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and Thanksgiving. We reveal our Secret Pals at Christmas, and we invite our husbands for a buffet dinner at that time. What fun we have!

This year's plan is to adopt a shepherdess in the far away islands of Micronesia to help build her Sabbath School materials. We want to do this project because many of our island churches need help in their Sabbath School departments. We hope that in this way, they'll be encouraged to do more to help their Sabbath Schools also.

There is much to be done by the shepherdesses on Guam and Micronesia, so we are hoping that projects like this can materialize to encourage our other shepherdesses in the other islands.