Editor's Musings

Editor's Musings

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress is editor of the Journal

Dear Sisters,

Sitting at my dentist’s office a while back, I noticed this poem on the wall of the reception room. The dentist had cross-stitched it herself into a large work of art which was now beautifully framed. That was the first time in years that I had been glad to wait in a doctor’s office; I used the time to hand-copy the verse.

The message reminded me of you and me as pastors’ wives. Many people want us to look alike, talk alike, be gifted alike, etc. Some have asked why we have never published a handbook titled “How To Be A Good Minister’s Wife.” But we’re all different—unique creations of a loving God who made us as He saw best. So enjoy this parable from nature, God’s book that teaches us so much about ourselves:

“The birds had gathered, large and small, to set demands for one and all.

A bird of big and brawny size began to speak with raucous cries;

‘It’s time that we all make the rules for size and shape and proper tools.

Our nests are in such disarray that standards must be set today.

Each nest must measure six by six; you must use only mud to make it stick.

And only twigs from elm or oak are suitable for all you folk.

And furthermore, I do proclaim that all your songs must be the same.’

All forty birds in great dismay began to cry in their own way­

How could they all do just alike when sizes range from owl to shrike?

It was quite clear to every bird that all these rules would be absurd.

So raising beak and lifting wing, the birds began to fly and sing:

‘The songs we sing must be our own, and each must build her house alone.

To bend ourselves to fit a mold would ruin each—and make us fold!’

So forty birds then each took wing, intent on being their own thing!”


God bless you every one, as you are intent on “being your own thing”!