A poem from the Arizona Conference Shepherdess newsletter.

Lillian Carol Russel. From the Arizona Conference Shepherdess newsletter

On the breath of autumn’s breeze,

the leaves float gently down from gaily colored trees.


There are so many blessings to be thankful for this time of year,

as the special day set aside for thanking God draws near.


Let us not limit our thanks to just one day but always be thanksgiving,

praising and thanking the Lord for every day we’re living.


Thank Him for the butterfly that floats on velvet wings,

for every plant, and every bird that sings.


Thank Him even for the bad times, for they help to make us strong;

it seems sometimes we learn the most when everything goes wrong.


Even though my children won’t be with us Thanksgiving day,

I’m thankful that they’re happy, well, and safe, though far away.


There are so many memories of Thanksgivings past when the kids were small,

though I’ll be a little sad this year, I have happy memories to recall.


When the frost has spread its diamond dust

and the green colors change to crimson, gold, and rust,

we know by the signs Thanksgiving is here,

and we praise thee, oh God, for our bountiful year.