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By the Journal Staff. 


On September 8-10, 2006, a meeting of all Czecho­Slovakian Union (EUD) pastors and their wives took place in Malenovice, Czech Republic. More than 200 par­ticipants of this meeting spent the weekend in the Hotel Bezruc surrounded by the beautiful Moravian Beskyds Mountains right at the foot of the Lysa Mountain. The meeting was brightened by the presence of many chil­dren who had come with their parents.

The Ministerial Association of the Czecho-Slovakian Union organizes such a meeting once every several years, always with a specific theme. This time it was a weekend without seminars and visitors from abroad. Sister Maria Gresova, the Slovakian Conferece Shepherdess coordina­tor, preached on Sabbath morning. She mentioned life and service of pastors’ families in connection with the experience of David escaping from Saul and finding his shelter in a land of enemies (1 Samuel 27). God couldn’t use David until David realized that God was his real pro­tector and help in difficult times.

On Sabbath afternoon, the pastors and their wives discussed in groups the theme of the meeting: “How to balance the pastor’s work with care for his/her family.” Representatives from every group shared their conclu­sions Sunday morning, mentioning possible and impos­sible solutions and suggestions about how to face certain problems. Some of the suggestions were very funny and contributed to a cheerful atmosphere.

Pastors’ wives received small gifts from the Czecho­Slovakian Union President, Secretary, and Treasurer as thanks for their service, work, and sacrifices which they make while supporting their husbands and churches.


Below is a pictoral report of various meetings throughout the division.

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Delegate spouse meetings were held at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists during Annual Council, October 8-11, 2006. The ladies enjoyed a semi­nar on “Forgivness” presented by Dr. Lourdes Morales­Gudmundsson, as well as an exercise segment led by Rae Lee Cooper.



On April 9-22, the Shepherdess in South Botswana Conference conducted a two-week effort in the small vil­lage of Mmankgodi. The village is near the conference camp meeting site, and the chief is very much in favor of Adventism.

Mrs. Shatani Orapeleng, wife of the North Botswana Field president, was the speaker. Three weeks before the meeting, pre-campaigns were held, and a number of people enrolled in Voice of Prophecy lessons; some are still taking the lessons.

Eight people were baptized. Many were given a Bible and The Great Controversy. A dedicated team of young people and two elderly ladies from neighboring villages helped make this effort a success.

The Shepherdesses will continue to visit and nur­ture the new converts until the new branch is fully estab­lished. The first Sabbath after the effort, nearly 40 people congregated in Mmankgodi. Honor and praise to God are given for the work that has been done in this village. 


The Shepherdesses of Kwazulu Natal Free State Con­ference held their training at Anerley in Port Shepstone. Sister Denise Ratsara addressed the ladies with wonder­ful, uplifting, and inspiring talks.

Much time was spent in prayer together. The ladies prayed especially for their husbands, and also for pastors who are no longer in the ministry and those who are fac­ing marital difficulty.

Sabbath afternoon the ladies went for a walk on the beach.

Unfortunately all the shepherdesses couldn’t attend the meeting, but those who were there made the best of the weekend. They had a lovely place to stay and could communicate with each other.

Saturday evening all went to the mall in Port Shepstone and had a good meal at one of the restaurants. After that the ladies returned and played games and ex­changed gifts.

Sunday morning the meeting closed with Sister Ratsara and Pastor Thyssen addressing the ladies.

Praise be to God the Father for allowing these shepherdesses to have this training. They pray that God’s Spirit will always remain with them and their spouses.


Below is a pictoral report of meetings held in the Bangladesh Union Mission.

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