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Shepherdess International News

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By the Journal staff. 

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Nearly 40 Ministry to Clergy Spouses coordinators met in beautiful Tucson, Arizona, for their Advisory. Marti Schneider, North American Division Shepherdess Coordinator, planned an exceptional program that covered a broad spectrum of clergy-wife blessings and challenges. In addition to the agenda items and technical issues relevant to ministry spouses, special time was allocated to specific topics.

Rita Stevens presented a detailed seminar on how to plan and promote weekend retreats. Small break-out groups reported on themes and creative programming. Walt Williams from NADEI led the women through the philosophy and implementation of mentoring programs for new ministry wives. Training for the mentors and mentees was presented. Marti Schneider and Sharon Cress led a discussion on spirituality, and Sharon Cress gave a lecture entitled “How To Have A Vibrant Shepherdess Organization.” Cheryl Retzer led the Union Coordinator group in a planning luncheon. Janet Page focused on prayer time, Jacqueline Ross coordinated musical praise, Betty Trevino led the ladies in a book-sharing, and Sue Patzer and Becki Weigley planned a fun and interactive social on Saturday night. Ann Carlson and Leilani Pitcher coordinated gift baskets for the attendees.

Texico Conference: Shepherdess has been collecting money from the tour groups at the General Conference to help the Navajo Indian children in New Mexico. They have just moved into a new church building, and a recent do­nation helped them purchase chairs, a felt board for lower Sabbath School divisions, and accompaniment music for the classes as well. Following are some pictures of this project.


Below is a picture from the VOP activities sponsored by SID (See PDF).


In October 2006, the Southern Asia Division held a Shepherdess Advisory in Hyderabad. Hepzibah Kore, SUD Shepherdess Coordinator, and Sharon Cress, Shepherdess Director, were the featured speakers. The ladies enjoyed a time of fellowship and helpful interaction. Following are pictures from these meetings.


Narisa Currow reports that the Pastoral Partners at Newbold have been meeting the first Sunday of every month for fellowship and encouragement. Karen Holford spoke on the topic “Building Relationships,” Mary Barrett spoke on “I Just Can’t Cope,” and Anne-May Wollan, TED Minister to Clergy Spouses, gave a presentation entitled “Who Am I?”.

Participants were also able to attend a variety of re­treats and seminars. For the Christmas season, they had an afternoon tea to brighten up the holiday.


In September 2006, Angéle Nlo Nlo, Shepherdess Co­ordinator for West-Central Africa Division, did training in the Central Africa Union Mission. This mission cov­ers six countries. In Cameroon there are four conferences and missions. It is not easy to gather all the pastors’ wives in one place. Angéle thanks the Lord that most of them were able to attend.

10 Goats Named Sharon

 Praise the Lord! The Shepherdess India Goat Project is moving forward rapidly. Mrs. Zarin Sharon, Shepherdess Coordinator for Western India Union Section, has been the immediate supervisor for this project in which a goat is given to a woman in poverty with no other means of support. Over 100 goats and their new mistresses are now involved in the project. The local pastor’s wife keeps in contact with the recipient. While the project continues in Western India, the project is now expanding to a second Union.