Shepherdess International News

Shepherdess International News

News from around the world field.

By the Journal team. 

North American Division

Indiana Conference: The Shepherdesses held their area luncheon in Kokomo on October 28, 2007.

Greater New York Conference: A group of pastors’ wives enjoyed fellowship along with a delicious brunch when they gathered for the first Shepherdess Ministries meeting sponsored by Bonnie Marker, wife of the Greater New York Conference president. The keynote speaker was Lois King, Shepherdess Ministries Coordinator for the when they gathered for the first Shepherdess Ministries meeting sponsored by Bonnie Marker, wife of the Greater New York Conference president. The keynote speaker was Lois King, Shepherdess Ministries Coordinator for the Atlantic Union; the theme of her presentation was “On Being a Pastor’s Wife.”

The brunch was prepared by Marlene Romeo, a pastor’s wife. Music was presented by Helene and Catherine Mattenson, members of a pastor’s family. The pastors’ wives surrounded Bonnie Marker as Lois King prayed a special prayer of commitment and dedication.

At the end of the meetings, they enjoyed a surprise visit from Donald King, president of the Atlantic Union Conference. (This report first appeared in the January 2008 issue of the Gleaner.)

New York Conference: Eighteen ladies met in Syracuse, New York, for meetings. Donna Rouse coordinated this event, and Sharon Cress was the speaker for the weekend.

Southern Union Conference: Jacqueline Ross, ministerial and evangelism associate for the Southern Union Conference, presented in the March 2008 issue of Southern Tidings that a Ministerium Convention was held for the whole family on January 6-9, 2008. Janice Johnson Browne, Ph.D., wife of Benjamin Browne, South Central Conference president, presented the keynote message for the pastors’ wives: “Will the Real Pastor’s Wife Please Kneel Down?” Browne’s admonition was illuminating, spirit-filled, and down-to-earth. She emphasized the importance of praying through every situation and circumstance.


Monica Reed, M.D. and CEO of Florida Hospital’s Celebration Health, took the women on a much-needed tour of their physical, spiritual, and mental needs for experiencing fullness in Christ.

The final speaker was Carol Johnson, business owner, healthcare professional, and wife of Larry Johnson, Th.D., treasurer of the South Atlantic Conference. Her presentation topic was “Ouch!

The First Lady—A Pillar and Crumbling.” Johnson focused on the door of ministry that has been opened to the pastor’s wife, emphasizing that the focus of her ministry is to her husband first.

Cheryl Retzer,Southern Union Shepherdess Coordinator, told the more than 400 women how much they are appreciated and presented a gift card and a Shepherdess
bookmark to each woman who attended the banquet.

Southern Asia Division

North East Andhra Region: April 17, 2007, was an unforgettable day for North East Andhra Region. The union-wide Shepherdess Advisory was conducted at the region headquarters. Mrs. Hepzibah Kore, SUD Shepherdess Coordinator; Vinodhini John, union Shepherdess Coordinator; and Madhuramani Wilbert, Associate Director, were present, along with all women’s ministries and Shepherdess coordinators of the union. The meetings were inspiring and beneficial. Mrs. Hepzibah Kore shared valuable lessons and distributed useful material for the shepherdesses.

Following is a pictorial report of this event:

Orissa: Ramani Kurian, associate director for women’s ministry in the Southern Asia Division, reports that the adult literacy program has 386 women in 15 centers in Orissa. Most of the facilitators are pastors’ wives in special ministries. The students’ families appreciate the efforts of the Adventist Church in making it possible for women to be literate in that part of the country.


Below are a few statements that will show how much the women have benefited from this program:

  • Salomi Kandulana testifies that she is now able to read any book in Oriya, the language of the state.
  • After attending the program for a year Elish Horo can not only read and write but can also do some functional math. Elish and a few other women from the center have applied for a loan to start a small business.
  • Namita, a regular student at the Khariguda Center, purchased some things at a shop that were wrapped in a piece of newspaper. After unwrapping the items, she tested her reading ability and was able to read everything in the paper.
  • Haria Gogan was an illiterate man in Dhenkanal and went with his wife to the village. Since they could not read the bus schedule, they missed several buses going to their destination until a shopkeeper finally helped them. With pride, Brother Gogan says he is now able to read and write thanks to the adult literacy classes organized in his village.

The adult literacy program helps illiterate people in the villages of India. Ramani feels God will open ways and means to let these people know about God’s love for them.

Southern Asia-Pacific Division

Vietnam: Mrs. Debbie Saul-Chan, Southeast Asia Union Mission Shepherdess Coordinator, reports that Vietnam held its first Shepherdess meeting on February 25-26, 2008, in Ho Chi Minh City on the premises of the Phu Nhuan Church. About 45 wives had the opportunity to come together with other Shepherdesses to receive train­ing, support, and fellowship. Mrs. Debbie Chan, with the help of Madam Tran Thi Phuong Mai, CM/FM Director of VAM and a pastor’s wife herself, organized this meeting.

The ladies attended workshops where real-life situations were discussed among the groups. Mrs. Helen Gulfan gave a workshop on “A Walk with God,” a devotional method she wrote and further enhanced with the SOAP (S-cripture, O-bservation, A-pplication and P­rayer) method.

Mrs. Cindy Lieu, a Vietnamese lady now living in the United States, offered a practical workshop on nutrition and a healthy-cooking demo instruction station.

The Shepherdesses were encouraged and appreciated the meetings. Many also expressed that they would like to attend more meetings because the topics were meaning­ful and useful to their ministry, and they also enjoyed the opportunity to talk with others.

Cambodia: The Shepherdesses in Cambodia gathered on March 17-18, 2008, at the Training Center in Phnom Penh City. For two days, the ladies were blessed by four workshops. There was also time for sharing and interaction among the Shepherdesses. 

West-Central Africa Division

Angele Nlo Nlo, WAD Shepherdess Coordinator, held an evangelistic campaign in Cameroon with pas­tors’ wives from December 23, 2007–January 5, 2008. Some pastors’ wives gave Bible studies in small groups before the presenta­tion each night, oth­ers were involved in prayer groups, and some helped with the song service. The meetings were chal­lenging because of year-end holidays, but the Lord blessed with 27 precious souls being baptized.