Shepherdess International News

Shepherdess International News

News from around the world field.

North Amerian Division Georgia-Cumberland Shepherdess Meeting:

Pastors’ wives in GeorgiaCumberland had a Shepherdess Retreat in October 2008 at Cohutta Springs Camp. The featured speaker was Sharon Cress, and the ladies enjoyed good fellowship.

Mountain View Conference Camp Meeting Shepherdess Meetings: 

Pastors’ wives in the Mountain View Conference, gathered together one evening during camp meeting at the Conference Center of the Valley Vista Adventist Center in Huttonsville, West Virginia. A lovely luncheon was provided by the Mountain View Conference president, Sherry Blundell. In addition to the delicious meal,  a bubbling fountain flowed with sweet punch. Everyone in attendance received a goodie bag along with a cup and saucer with an herb tea packet. The guest speaker, Evelyn Kissinger, spoke on the topic, “Rest for the Stressed,” which included tips on how to stay healthy in the midst of a hectic life.

South Pacific Division Shepherdesses Attend Children’s Ministry Expo and Worship Summit at Fulton College, Fiji:

Shepherdesses throughout the South Pacific Division were “greatly blessed” by attending these special meetings held at Fulton College, according to Momoi Sausau, Shepherdess coordinator for the region. During the children’s expo, participants learned how to make the Bible “come alive” through various activities and  resources, including how to create crafts from scratch. 

Topics such as “Faith Begins at Home” and “Family Worship” were also addressed. “I want to thank the Lord and the leaders responsible for the children’s expo for giving me the opportunity to attend the workshops,” said Naly Qwero from Vanuatu. “I know [this] will enable me to be more effective in my ministry to children.”
One of the major features of the program at the worship conference was the involvement of every delegate in a worship planning team, where they planned and led one of the worship services at the conference. Each team had access to a number of resources to help in their planning, including a mentor and a core team of musicians and technical supporters.

Janet Tiingia from the Solomon Islands seemed to sum up the feelings of the Shepherdess group when she wrote, “Thank you so much for helping us to learn something that will help us to support our husbands in their ministry. This program makes us, the pastors’ wives, come together to encourage each other in what we will do in the field. I just want to say thank you so much for the privilege that you gave me to join this program. I was so blessed.”

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Zimbabwe Shepherdesses Continue Serving the Lord:

In spite of civil unrest throughout the country of Zimbabwe, Shepherdesses have continued with a wide variety of ministry and outreach activities. In the West Zimbabwe Conference, a group of 15 Shepherdesses conducted “MEGA Crusade 2008,” sponsored by the Ministerial Department. At the end of the crusade, 31 people were baptized. A separate crusade led by Mrs. E. Sithole and sponsored by the Shepherdess organization resulted in 42 baptisms.

The West Zimbabwe Conference also offered an in-reach health training seminar by a number of health officers as well as Pastor I. Gwizo, the Union HIV/AIDS departmental director. The seminar was well attended by the WZC shepherdesses.

Shepherdesses in the East Zimbabwe Conference have also been active with numerous activities. Two cooking schools were held in April, where Mrs. Garwe and Mrs. Marovha taught vegetarian cooking, bread baking, and preparing soy products.

Mrs. Marovha also conduct­ed a seminar on counseling for community service ladies. Many of those attending the seminar remarked on its success.

Two Shepherdesses, Mrs. Marunze and Mrs. Muzira, were trained by the “Population Ser­vice International” (PSI) group to lead out in parent-child com­munication seminars.

Another Shepherdess, Mrs. Mbiriri, led out in a pre-campaign crusade in Bindura, where she distributed a large amount of free literature and Voice of Prophecy Bible lessons.

In the Central Zimbabwe Conference, Shepherdesses conducted “Tri-District Minis­terial Enrichment Seminars” for the wives of church elders. The seminars covered the Kwe­kwe East, Kwekwe West, and Redcliff districts. The seminars were well attended by the el­ders’ wives from the three dis­tricts. The Shepherdesses took turns giving presentations on the importance of an elder’s wife.

Zambia Union Conference Report:

Shepherdesses in the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID) are “on fire for the Lord,” according to Mrs. Marie Denise Ratsara, Shepherdess coordinator for the region. Most recently, the Zambia Union Conference reported that over 150 Shepherdesses attended a Bible conference held at Rusangu. In addition, approximately 800 donated Bibles for prison ministries and other activities have been distributed, and five electric

sewing machines have been placed in needy areas where they will best be used.

The SID has developed an action plan with several initiatives and is encouraging all Shepherdesses throughout the region to participate in the implementation of those plans The initiatives include:

1. The Zachariah Proj­ect (Evangelism). Evangelistic meetings will be held for female prisoners within the Central Zambian Conference.

2. Epaphras Ministry 

3. (Prayer). Shepherdesses are establishing prayer partners throughout the area and are also planning for special days for prayer and fasting.

4. Paul’s Method (Train­ing). Pastoral spouses will be given training in preaching, prayer sessions, etiquette, flow­er arrangements and design, and establishing the “Zambia Union Conference Shepherdess International Training Centre.”

Madagascar: Recently pastors and wives gathered for meetings in Madagascar.

Southern Asia-Pacific Division

Busy in Bangladesh: Many pastors and Shepherdesses have been busy soul-winning for Christ. For example, a new church is being established in the village of Patagazir. Many people in the village want to know about Jesus, but there has been no Adventist teacher or pastor until now. Recently, more than 150 people attended evangelistic meetings held in someone’s yard. Mrs. Ceclia Kisku, Shepherdess coordinator of BAUM, along with Pastor Chambugong and Lucena Chambugong, were at the meetings where 54 of the attendees were baptized. “Everything was well there, so we thank God,” reports Lucena.

SI Evangelism at Monosapara Adventist Seminary (MAS) in Bangladesh:

In the Bangladesh Union Mission, the Shepherdess group held an evangelistic meeting at MAS from July 24-27. Getting there involved crossing rivers in wide canoes. Many attended the meetings presented by the BAUM Shepherdess leaders and enjoyed the special songs presented by various groups. Awards were presented to 13 women and pastors for their ex­cellent work throughout their territories. In addition, 35 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and were baptized in the nearby river.