Shepherdess International News

Shepherdess International News

News from around the world church.

North Amerian Division

Year-End Meetings

During the North American Division (NAD) year-end meetings held in Silver Spring, Maryland, Shepherdess leaders from across the NAD enjoyed fun and fellowship together during special events planned by Marti Schneider, NAD Shepherdess Coordinator. On Friday, November 7, the group gathered together on the third floor of the G.C. building for a morning meeting featuring a contest and two presentations. During the contest, participants were invited to briefly write what they would do if they had a free day and $100 to spend. The judges, wearing white wigs supplied by Sharon Cress, then chose the top three most innovative entries, awarding the second- and third-place winners with small gift bags, and the grand-prize winner with $100 in cash. The winner said that she would use the money to buy her husband some much-needed jeans!

Gina Wahlen, a pastor’s wife who has served in Russia, England, and the Philippines, spoke on “Mission? Impos­sible!” where she shared her experience of being a reluc­tant missionary. Nancy Kyte, from Adventist Mission, shared her wisdom and experience in gaining more self-confidence and esteem through the men­torship of a woman who taught her how to make beautiful dec­orative items.

On Sunday morning, the group took a bus from the GC to the newly-opened Newseum in the center of Washington, D.C. The participants enjoyed their visit to the Newseum, taking in the sights and eating a delicious lunch at the Newseum café.

Southern Asia-Pacific Division

Shepherdess in Malaysia helps demon-possessed woman

Shepherdess Judy Sagit has been very active in the ministry for 37 years. Her husband is a field pastor, and they have three grown children. Her work for God is ongoing; she visits the needy, prays for the sick, and encourages people to give their tithes and offerings to support God’s Church. She has trained women to lead out in the church, teaching Bible stories to children, ministering to young people during school holidays, and reaching out to Muslims.

One day when she was living in the village of Entebeh, Tebedu, near the Indonesian border, a very concerned woman, Adeng, came to see Mrs. Sagit. Adeng was worried because her older sister, Mama Ray, had been suffering from the devil for a week—unable to sleep, feeling sick, restless, moaning, and speaking incoherently. Village friends and relatives had encouraged Adeng to prepare a big feast which involved offering a big pig as a sacrifice to the devil. The blood from the sacrifice would then be sprinkled on the head of Mama Ray, which, according to the villagers and relatives, would allow the spirit of Mama Ray’s deceased father to heal her.

Adeng was crying as she described the situation to Judy Sagit. Seeing that the Lord’s intervention was needed, Mrs. Sagit took Adeng to the nearby Seventh-day Adventist Church where they knelt together in prayer. A miracle took place, with the Holy Spirit giving peace to Adeng and healing to her sister, Mama Ray.

The following Sabbath, both sisters came to church, bringing a thanksgiving offering of 10 Malaysian ringgits (US$2.79) to the Lord. Judy, along with her husband, Pastor Sagit, a church elder, and the women’s ministries leader had Bible studies with Adeng and Mama Ray. Both sisters accepted Jesus as their Savior and were baptized.

South-Central Luzon Conference

Pastors’ wives in the South-Central Luzon Conference in the North Philippine Union Mission (NPUM) enjoyed a “Pajama Night Out” with Ellen Roque, NPUM Shepherdess Coordinator, and Arlene Gayoba, wife of the NPUM Ministerial Secretary. According to Ellen Roque, the objective of the program was to build a closer relationship together as pastors’ wives.

The women enjoyed various activities together until 2 a.m., and the following day had a wonderful time learning how to make flower arrangements.

Bi-Division Shepherdess Advisory

The Northern Asia-Pacific and Southern Asia-Pacific Divisions held their second annual bi-division Shepherdess advisory July 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand. Mrs. Helen Gulfan, SSD Shepherdess Coordinator, and Sally Lam-Phoon, NSD Shepherdess Coordinator, planned the event. More than 250 ladies attended these meetings, where Gloria Trotman, IAD SIEMA Coordinator, and Sharon Cress were the featured speakers.

Delegate Spouses Shepherdess Meetings During Annual Council

More than 600 delegate spouses enjoyed meetings presented by Shepherdess International during Annual Council, held at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila from October 12-14, 2008.

“Mission of Hope” was the theme for the meetings. Each day featured music, intercessory prayers, helpful seminars, and special features. One special feature was the daily “oxygen cocktail”, a time to learn about health and enjoy exercise presented by Rae Lee Cooper.

Sally Lam-Phoon, NSD Shepherdess Coordinator, pre­sented the seminar on Sunday, titled “Quality Family Time.” On Monday, Galina Stele, ESD Shepherdess Sponsor, spoke about “Criticism and Forgive­ness,” and on Tuesday, Denise Ratsara, SID Shepherdess Co­ordinator gave the presentation “A Shepherdess After God’s Heart.”

Special features included an SSD Shepherdess DVD report and a message from Kari Paulsen, Shepherdess sponsor and wife of Elder Jan Paulsen, GC President.