Shepherdess International News

Shepherdess International News

News from around the world field.

By the Journal team. 

East-Central  Africa Division

Milliam Kakembo, Shepherdess coordinator for ECD, has traveled around her division meeting with pastoral couples and young girls. Following is a pictorial report.

Euro-Asia Division

Mariya Leahu, Shepherd­ess coordinator for ESD, shared several photos about meetings in her division. There were meet­ings this summer in a variety of places. The following is a picto­rial report of these events. 

North American Division

Greater New York: Bonnie Marker, Shepherdess sponsor, planned a wonderful day of meetings for the Shepherdesses in Greater New York. On October 4, 2009 nearly 40 ladies gathered to hear Sharon Cress, the featured speaker. The ladies were blessed by this time together.

Iowa-Missouri: Becki Knobloch reported in the Mid-America Outlook that pastors’ wives in Iowa-Missouri attended “Spa Guné” in March in Branson, Missouri. The retreat was planned by Nancy Littrell of the Mountain Grove Church and her daughter, Jennifer Davis of the Columbia. The spa-themed weekend offered relaxation treatments, stress-free stations, and spiritual applications of the weekend’s presentations. Planning this retreat took more than a year, with much assistance from Gail Coridan, Iowa-Missouri’s women’s ministry coordinator. Each church was invited to sponsor its pastor’s wife for the event; the majority who attended did receive this gift of appreciation from their congregations.

South Central: Recently Elder and Mrs. Benjamin Browne announced their retirement. South Central Tidings paid tribute to Janice Johnson Browne, Ph.D., for serving faithfully as an integral part of her husband’s ministry. In the September 2009 issue, Tidings reported that Janice is dedicated to women’s ministry and to Shepherdess International. As Shepherdess leader, Dr. Browne has sponsored spiritual and personal development, as well as leadership training, at camp meetings and officers’ meetings for pastors’ wives. Mission awareness to other countries was created by adopting the village of one of the South Central Shepherdesses. Team-building was developed with the creation of a Shepherdess chorale, volleyball team, and a Legends Luncheon to include current and retired Shepherdesses. She also planned a variety of events to meet pastors’ wives’ mental, emotional, physical, dietary, and spiritual needs. Thank you, Janice Browne, for your dedication to Shepherdess. May God bless you in your retirement! 


Hundreds of pastors’ wives attended meetings in Korea from August 23–27, 2009. Sally Lam-Phoon, Shepherdess coordinator for NSD, planned these wonderful meetings, and the ladies were blessed by their time together. Sharon Cress, director for Shepherdess International, was the featured speaker. Following is a pictorial report of this event.

(See PDF for pictures)  


Merilyn Webster, Shep­herdess coordinator for SPD, recently had a booth that showed the evangelistic efforts of pastors’ wives from around the world. Many were interested in the great work they are doing to bring people to Jesus Christ.


NORTH MALAWI FIELD: Shepherdess Betty Moyo from Nkhata-Bay SDA Church shared how God has proved His faithfulness in her life. She had been longing to continue her education for quite a while, and the Lord provided the opportunity in 2000. It was not easy to study in a secular educational institution; one had to stand firm to lift the banner of Adventism. There were rumors that exams would be held on Saturday because of circumstances beyond the control of administration. 

This soon became reality, and the Adventist students tried to raise their concerns through the student union, without success. They started to meet regularly to pray about the situation. The Adventist students endured jeering as fellow students insulted them and their God.

During this time, Betty’s husband was facing the possibility of losing his job. She did not want to have to drop out of school during this time, so she spent much time fasting and praying. Neighbors mocked her and said that her God had failed. Betty remained faithful and continued to pray.

A notice was posted for an assembly which she did not want to attend for fear of being humiliated. The announcement was made that administration had decided to let every student write exams with a free mind. No exams were going to be held over the weekend. Betty could not believe her ears, and students rushed to tell her that she worshipped a living God.

The chairperson of the students union approached Betty to say that one of the lecturers from Canada had been surprised to see students take a stand for their faith.

Our God is faithful as He promised that He would fight battles for us. He also changed Betty’s graduation day from Saturday to Friday, and her husband kept his job. Betty learned to trust more than ever from this experience.


NORTH PHILIPPINE UNION: On March 21, 2009, the Central Luzon Conference held a Pajama Night for 25 pastors’ wives. The theme of the evening was “Hold Out Your Candle.” The program started with a light dinner and ended at midnight with Bible reading and prayer. Eleanor Roque, Shepherdess coordinator for the Central Luzon Conference, planned this event to foster a closer camaraderie and bonding among pastors’ wives. Roque shared that the program was designed to enhance the relationship with the ladies, pastor-husbands and children, train them on crisis counseling so they can assist their husbands in ministry, and provide livelihood opportunities that will help them have a sense of self-sufficiency.

Seminars were presented on team ministry and crisis counseling. Many pastors’ wives are stressed, so they also learned stress management techniques.

During the commitment service, Pastor Fofue, Central Luzon ministerial director, encouraged participants. He stated, “What percent do ministers’ wives contribute to their ministry? It’s not 95 percent; it’s 100 percent!” He also said, “[Pastors’ wives] are the model in your home and outside your home, in your churches and outside your churches.” Many participants were touched and learned more about their role in helping their husband succeed.

This activity is just an opening to more Pajama-Night events in different areas of Central Luzon.

BANGLADESH: Lucena Chambugong reports that on July 2-5, 2009, she and her fellow shepherdesses conducted a Shepherdess evangelistic meeting in Moohur SDA Church in West Bangladesh Mission. In spite of it being the rainy season, 382 people at­tended—mainly women and young girls, along with some men. The children and youth helped make the meeting joyful and lively as they participated by lead­ing the singing.

On Sabbath there were no seats available. There was no space to walk. Fifty-seven people accepted Jesus as their Savior. Let’s pray for these pastors’ wives as they continue sharing the light of truth in their communities.