Shepherdess Coordinators

Shepherdess Coordinators

Profile of the General Conference and Division shepherdess coordinators.

By the Journal staff

Kari Paulsen

Shepherdess Sponsor

Kari Paulsen is married to Jan and they have three adult children—Laila, Janrune, and Rein Andre. Psalm 147:10, 11 are her favorite Bible texts and her favorite hymn is “My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less.” Kari enjoys reading and cooking.

Sharon Cress

Shepherdess International Director

Sharon and Jim Cress were married June 7, 1970. She has a Yorkshire terrier, Dixie. Sharon’s favorite text is Romans 8:38, and her favorite hymn is “When We All Get To Heaven.” Sharon enjoys reading, golfing, cooking, and spending time in the desert.

Helen Bocala-Gulfan

Southern Asia-Pacific Division

Helen and Alberto were married on August 8, 1977. They have three children: Helen Zella Gulfan-Tecson, an accountant; Albert Lloyd B. Gulfan, an accountant; and Jarbien Pol B. Gulfan, a nurse. They have one grandchild, Zelwin Sam Tecson. Helen’s favorite Bible text is Lamentations 3:21-23. Two of Helen’s favorite songs are “I Will Trust When I Cannot See” and “Make Me a Woman You Can Use.” She enjoys gardening, playing tennis and badminton, reading, visiting and making friends, walking, and giving Bible studies.

Hepzibah Kore

Southern Asia Division

Hepzibah and Gnanaraj Kore celebrate their anniversary on May 7. She and her husband are PKs and have served the church together for 40 years. Hepzibah has been a Shepherdess Coordinator since 1987. She loves working with the pastors’ wives. The major project she has undertaken is basic literacy. She and her husband have one daughter and two special grandsons. Her favorite Bible text is Romans 8:28, and her favorite hymn is “When We All Get To Heaven.”

Sally Lam-Phoon

Northern Asia-Pacific Division

On December 26, 1971, Sally and Chek Yat Phoon were married. They have two daughters, Michelle and Rachel. Their first grandchild, Kelle Choi, arrived in June 2009. Ephesians 3:20 is Sally’s favorite Bible text, and her favorite hymn is “It Is Well With My Soul.” For fun, Sally likes to walk, take photos of flowers, and travel. Nothing thrills her more than seeing young women develop their potential.

Mariya Leahu

Euro-Asia Division

Mariya and Ilie Leahu were married August 26, 1979. They have three children: Robert, Inna, and Leonard. Isaiah 59:1 is her favorite text, and her favorite hymn is “Lord, Touch Me With the Spirit.” Mariya enjoys shopping in bookstores and gift shops.

Williane Steiner Marroni

South American Division Wiliane and Almir were married July 20, 1982. They have two children: Maress, who is studying medicine; and Mailen, a fisioterapist. Her favorite Bible text is Joshua 1:9, and her favorite hymn is “Nearer, Still Nearer.” She enjoys reading and traveling with her husband.

Maeve Maurer

Euro-Africa Division

Maeve and Gabriel Maurer were married May 29, 1988. They have two lovely daughters: Daniela and Berit. They also have a golden retriever, Jonny, who is loved by almost half of the village, so he creates good opportunities for them to visit with people and share their faith. Maeve has two favorite Bible texts: 1 Corinthians 10:13 and Deuteronomy 5:31. Her favorite hymn is “Wenn Mein Auge Schaut den Heiland”, which talks about the joy there will be when seeing the Saviour face to face. For fun Maeve likes spending time with family and friends, as well as horseback riding, hiking, reading, jogging, and enjoying nature.

Winnie Mwakalonge

East-Central Africa Division

Winnie is married to Magulilo Mwakalonge, and they have two children: Grace and Gladness. Winnie’s favorite text is Romans 8:28. Her favorite hymn is “Abide With Me.” Winnie enjoys reading, playing the piano, teaching children, singing, and watching quiet movies.

Angele Nlo Nlo

West-Central Africa Division

Angele married Jean Emmanuel on September 15, 1989. Their pet is a cat. Psalm 23 is her treasured Bible scripture, and “To God Be the Glory” is her favorite hymn. Angele loves to tell stories from evangelistic experiences and trips and about new people she meets.

Marie Dnise Ratsara

Southern Africa Indian-Ocean Division

Denise and Paul Ratsara were married July 24, 1984, and were blessed with three children: Mary Ruth, Paul Nehemie, and Moise Denis. They also have pet birds. Denise’s favorite text is Psalm 23:1, and her favorite hymn is “Marching to Zion.” For fun Denise enjoys gardening and taking part in short running races.

Marti Schneider

North American Division

Marti and Don Schneider were married on August 30, 1964, and were blessed with two children: Don and his wife Dorothy are medical doctors in Juneau, Alaska; and Carol is the principal of Vista Ridge Academy in Colorado. Marti had a difficult time choosing a favorite Bible text, but she does love John 15 and 2 Chronicles 20. Some of her favorite hymns are “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” and “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Marti enjoys traveling—especially in Germany. 

Gloria Trotman

Inter-American Division

Dr. Gloria Lindsey Trotman is happily married to Pastor Jansen Trotman and they celebrate their anniversary, on March 30. They have four children: Dr. Karen-Mae Trotman Mitchell, Jansen Trotman Jr., Shawna Trotman Henry, and Nelita Trotman Elliott. The Trotmans enjoys spending time with their 7 grandchildren. Gloria’s favorite Bible text is Jeremiah 29:11 in The Clear Word. “My Faith Has Found a Resting Place” is Gloria’s favorite hymn. She likes to watch funny movies and play the piano.

Merilyn Webster

South Pacific Division

On August 14, 1977, Merilyn married Gary Webster, and they now have two adult daughters, Robyn and Lyndelle. Merilyn’s favorite Bible text is Philippians 4:6 & 7 and her favorite song is “We Have This Hope.” She enjoys reading, gardening, photography, painting, picnics, and visiting animal and bird sanctuaries.

Anne-May Wollan

Trans-European Division

Anne-May Wollan and her husband will be celebrating 40 years of marriage on August 17. They have two children, Raymond and Monica, and six grandchildren: Pernille, Pia, Vilde, Carina, Varin, and Norah. “My Jesus I Love Thee” is her favorite hymn and she claims Philippians 4:13 as her favorite text. For fun Anne-May enjoys doing patchwork, woodwork, and arts and crafts with her granddaughters.

By the Journal staff

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