Shepherdess International News

News from the world field.

By the Journal team

North American Division


In June, the Mountain View Conference Shepherdess Club met during camp meeting at Valley Vista Adventist Center, near Huttonsville, West Virginia. Participants enjoyed delicious food in a beautifully decorated room with vibrantly-colored place settings. It was a time to relax, share conversations, and meet new pastors’ wives. A variety of gifts, such as homemade granola and wooden plaques in brightly-colored flowerpots, were given to the ladies. The new shepherdess president for Mountain View Conference is Sarah Shafer. 



Our 2011 Shepherdess Advisory took place at Farm Inn in Pretoria with all the union Shepherdess coordinators from the division. It was a spiritual, uplifting encounter, which included special moments of prayer and wonderful fellowship with General Conference personnel.

We gathered together to make plans that will impact the mission of SID Shepherdess International for the next five years. Our Shepherdess Strategic Plan was adopted for the next quinquennium, with its mission and vision of leading Shepherdesses in revival and reformation firmly built upon the five SID Initiatives:

1. Epaphras Ministry—A call to dynamic personal and corporate intercessory prayer, fasting, Bible study, and intentional growth. Motivation for this initiative was drawn from Colossians 4:12.


  • Shepherdesses to be effective ministry mentors and examples to their families, churches, and communities
  • Recommend the holding of Bible study and prayer sessions during every major Shepherdess gather­ing
  • Promote the prayer ministry concept throughout the division, including to our children

2. Paul’s Method—A call to train and equip Shepherd­esses with knowledge and skills to lift up Christ and tell the world about Him. Motivation for this initiative was drawn from 2 Timothy 2:2.


  • Provide resource materials which will include all three official languages of the division—English, French, and Portuguese
  • Recommend ministerial secretaries to support Shepherdess coordinators in establishing careful­ly-planned programs, travel budgets, growth op­portunities, and needed resources to ensure the success of Shepherdess International throughout each territory
  • Promote an annual union Shepherdess retreat to provide opportunities to share with others who face similar challenges and joys, and to build fel­lowship, unity, and support

3. Zechariah Projects—A call to all Shepherdesses to be involved in public and personal evangelism, each ac­cording to her spiritual gifts. Motivation for this initiative was drawn from Zechariah 8:22-23.


  • See that all Shepherdesses receive the Journal, a resource tool
  • Help Shepherdesses engage in soul-winning through small-group activities such as interces­sory prayer, book distribution, videos, DVDs, etc.
  • Task the Ministerial Association with providing fi­nancial assistance for Shepherdess activities and programs

4. Hezekiah Operation—A challenge to attain self-sup­port and raise the faithfulness of Shepherdesses in tithes and offerings through vibrant stewardship programs. Moti­vation for this initiative was drawn from 2 Chron. 31:9-12.


  • Gather detailed statistics and information on Shep­herdess families to help address their needs
  • Present Christian personal-finance management seminars during ministerial/Shepherdess meetings to teach biblical principles of personal money man­agement
  • Promote and encourage Shepherdesses to be God’s faithful stewards by producing quarterly re­source materials on stewardship

5. Haggai Venture—An infrastructural initiative. Motivation for this initiative was drawn from Haggai 1:2, 8.


  • Foster strong Christian pastoral families by building pastoral homes on lasting spiritual principles
  • Recommend the urgent need for pastoral families to own houses

The SID Shepherdess mission is to pro­vide a support system that encourages, empowers, and nurtures the SID Shepherdesses (1) to be spiritually alive in Jesus, (2) to experience personal revival and reformation, and (3) to provide training for the fulfillment of the Gospel Commission as shown in Matthew 28:19 and Revelation 14:6-11.

The SID Shepherdess vision is to have our program fully established and growing in our territory and to see each Shepherdess experience the joy and blessing of working with her pastor-spouse, strengthening their teamwork in ministry.



First convention held at Pines City for Shepherdesses, head elders’ wives, and women elders, as reported by Ellen Roque, NPUC Shepherdess Coordinator:

In the New Testament, gospel ministers are the elders­at-large, shepherding the churches, while local church elders are the shepherds of the flock. In the qualifications of elders, wives are mentioned because they are partners in ministry.

The convention theme was “Sister to Sister: Bonding To­gether in Love for the Master,” and lectures and activi­ties revolved around this theme. The event strengthened the bonds of love among these women and with Christ, and it presented them with opportunities to serve their congregations and communities to prepare them for the soon return of Jesus.

In May, approximately 140 preachers’ kids from missions, conferences, and schools in the North Philippine Union Conference excitedly thronged together in the Mountain Provinces Mission’s multi-purpose hall in Baguio City for a two-day leadership and bonding retreat.

This event gave the NPUC PKs (pastors’ kids, adminis­trators’ kids, and other denominational workers’ kids) a blessed and grand time to connect again with fellow PKs and, most of all, with Christ. The retreat had six objec­tives: (1) to have another encounter with Christ; (2) to de­velop leadership potential through in-reach and outreach activities; (3) to renew their love for the ministry with their parents and to continue to support that growth; (4) to form a deeper connection with fellow PKs; (5) to encour­age the development of support systems with their peers; and (6) to gain a deeper understanding of their sexuality and relationships with others. There were lectures, panel discussions on PK issues, testimonies, an audiovisual presentation from the previous PK convention, a home­coming, fun games, songs, a talent show, adventures to remarkable places in Baguio, and an affirmation banquet for PKs to express their love and gratitude to their par­ents, some of whom were present at the event.

On the opening night, Elder Abner Roque expounded on the theme “You and I: Connecting Together in Christ.” Dr. Francisco Gayoba challenged the PKs through his mes­sage, “You and I: Upholding My Father’s Ministry.”

It was interesting to see adult preachers’ kids—who are already denominational workers—serving the younger PKs through their respective lectures. These adult PKs included:

  • Nerilyn Ann Roque Beratio and May Villoso-Rom, AUP music instructors, who spoke about song leadership.
  • Pastor Glenn Lagabon, MAMC Guidance Counselor, who was the devotional speaker.
  • Pastor Mark Monreal, head of MAMC Pastoral Care Services, who discussed the topic of sexuality for younger men, and Jun Bautista, Lani Malabad, and Pastor Lester Lagabon, who served as moderators for other groups on sexuality.
  • Leomer Batulayan led out in one of the Great Adven­tures for Christ.
  • Pastor Jesse Acosta, Jr. read the PK Affirmation and dedicatory prayer.
  • Pastor Hermogenes Villanueva delivered the early Sabbath-morning devotional, while Pastor Nepthali Manez led the participants in a moving commitment ceremony.

The Ministerial Association, through Shepherdess In­ternational, fervently prays that the unique experiences gained by the PK attendees in this program provided them with an understanding that through Christ, their parents, and many others, love, understanding, and sup­port beyond measure will always be there for them as special children of the royal priesthood of believers.